xDI Remote Learning

Certification Level 1

$450 / £340 / €400 per person
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This certification ensures that xDI developers are at an appropriate level of product knowledge and comprehension. To pass this certification, individuals must be familiar with the concepts of data integration, the xDI architecture and be able to perform practical installation, configuration, development and deployment tasks. This certification follows on from the “Developing with xDI data integration” software course.

Who Should Attend

Project Managers


  • Completion of the "xDI Development" course
  • Practice of projects with the xDI solution for a minimum of 6 months (or sufficient equivalent experience)

Training Overview

1. Theoretical Evaluation of Knowledge on xDI Software (0.5 day)

  • Theoretical questions to evaluate the level.
  • Individual face-to-face correction, and exchange to validate understanding

2. Practical Evaluation of the Use of the xDI Software (0.5 day)

  • Practical exercises based on the fundamentals
  • Individual face-to-face correction for :
  • - Identify and correct errors
  • - To provide the additional concepts necessary to master the evaluated topics