xDI Hybrid Learning


$750 / £590 / €675 per person
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Introductory course for xDI where developers will master the solution and will be able to develop data integration flows in the enterprise. It includes a review the architecture of the solution and the three types of objects (Metadata, Mapping and Process). This course is a prerequisite for the xDI Level 1certification and the Advanced xDI course.

Who Should Attend

Project Managers


  • Knowledge of databases and SQL language
  • Experience with data integration projects (with or without tools)

Training Overview

1. Installation and Architecture of the xDI Solution

  • Architecture
  • Installation
  • Advanced settings

2. Organization of the Graphic Interface

  • Workspace
  • Projects and folders
  • Versioning and history
  • Eclipse and xDI views

3. Connection and Reverse Technologies

  • Reverse of databases
  • Reverse of flat files
  • Reverse of XML and JSON files

4. Project Development

  • Mapping and process development
  • Tests and executions

5. XML Oriented Development and Web Services

  • Loading and generation of XML files
  • Reverse and invocation of Web Services
  • Publishing Web Services

6. Advanced Development

  • Templates
  • Technologies and the associated Xpath language
  • Advanced processes

7. Production Launch

  • Via the Designer, the command line mode and XDI Analytics:
  • Configurations, environments
  • Deliveries via packages and deliveries
  • Planning and monitoring of execution
  • Purging the log base