xDI Remote Learning

Privacy Protect

$450 / £400 / €425 per person
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This course covers the legal basis of data protection. It provides information on how to install and use the xDI Privacy Protect component.

Who Should Attend

IT Specialists
DPOs (Data Privacy Officers)

Training Overview

1. Introduction

  • Data integration tools
  • xDI architecture and demonstration
  • Need to protect personal data
  • Legal basis
  • Project mode operation to protect data
  • xDI support

2. Privacy Protect Installations

  • Installation of xDI Designer
  • Installation of xDI Privacy Protect
  • Importing the Privacy Protect reference project
  • Importing and using the Privacy Protect demo project
  • Installing xDI Sampling
  • Importing and using the xDI Sampling demo project

3. Preparing xDI Privacy Protect

  • Replication of xDI and xDI Sampling databases
  • Setting up metadata and initializing dictionaries
  • Verification and production of the data protection list
  • The xDI Privacy Protect tool

4. Using xDI Privacy Protect

  • Substitution dictionaries
  • Random generation
  • Generation of new lines
  • Text generation
  • Sequence generation
  • Obfuscation
  • Content deletion
  • Java transformation
  • Encryption
  • Correspondence tables
  • Anonymous virtual columns