xDM Hybrid Learning


$650 / £490 / €575 per person


This training provides as introduction to xDM. Developers will master the solution and be able to organize and develop the efficient collection of critical information dispersed across enterprise applications into a single data hub. This course is a prerequisite for the xDM Level 1 certification and the Advanced xDM course.

Who Should Attend

Data Architect
Integration Expert


  • Understanding of databases (SQL language)
  • Data modelling

Training Overview


  • Introduction
  • Intelligent Data Hub overview

Modeling and Integration

  • Discovering datasources
  • Modeling entities, attributes, relationships
  • Enriching and validating data
  • Configuring match and merge
  • Understanding the certification process
  • Deploying and browse

Application Design - Browsing

  • Designing visual bricks: form, collections & display cards
  • Building compound business views
  • Enabling search and filtering
  • Organizing and branding the application

Application Design - Authoring & Stewardship

  • Designing authoring steppers
  • Configuring actions sets
  • Creating collaborative workflows
  • Creating duplicate managers

Semarchy Hub

  • Physical structure
  • Integrating data using SQL
  • Integrating data using REST


  • Designing dashboards


  • Deploying models to data locations
  • Applying role-based security
  • Administering the platform