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The New World of Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, & Cloud Data Platforms

data lake data warehouse cloud data platforms

Evolutions in the Data Space

The use of data lakes, data warehouses, and cloud data platforms is changing exponentially for all organizations.

According to a survey of DBTA readers conducted by Unisphere Research, a Division of Information Today, Inc. – the number of hybrid cloud sites is expected to increase to 53% in the next 3 years. While 31% consider moving to the cloud to be a top strategy for reducing time and money spent on ongoing database management activities.

Data warehouses provide an architecture built around a database—and,
increasingly, open-source tools and enablers. Data lakes support raw stores of data for current and future applications. Cloud platforms support all data environments and enable a mixing or integration each with a minimum of additional investment.

In this report, DBTA and Semarchy discuss the reasons for the evolution of these technologies. Readers will better understand how they can help maximize the value of your data, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and more.