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Healthcare Data Management: Better Data In, Better Health Out

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An eBook for Healthcare Data Leaders

Healthcare has a unique set of information governance, data management, data exchange protocols, and standards. With the need for a high degree of data integrity to support the sharing of clinical, patient, medical, and pharma information across disparate source systems like EHRs, Revenue Cycle, Registration, Clinical Fulfilment Systems, e-Prescribing, and more.

Healthcare leaders must recognize the need to transform their data management systems to respond to rapid change and deliver tangible clinical and business benefits to their stakeholders…and to their patients.

When healthcare organizations do this well — when the data can truly be trusted — they see significant boosts to patient and caregiver confidence, overall satisfaction, and more patient participation in their care.

In this eBook from Semarchy, data leaders in the healthcare industry can better understand how data can improve quality, meet regulatory standards, enhance the patient experience, and more.