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Introducing IMT Health:iDM™ for Intelligent Health Data Management

Have you heard the news?

We’ve just launched IMT Health:iDM, the next generation in intelligent healthcare data management. We’re especially excited to be launching Health:iDM in partnership with Semarchy, a leader in Master Data Management Solutions as ranked by Gartner and Forrester. Read our Press Release announcement here.

So, what does that mean for you?

Going beyond the traditional EMPI

We’ve set out to improve the EMPI experience by re-thinking how organizations now manage healthcare data.

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Last year, we conducted in-depth conversations with our customers, exploring their EMPI-focused initiatives with more stakeholders demanding more value from data than ever.

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In the past, data management was primarily Health Information Management(HIM) or IT’s responsibility. But today, multiple business owners now have a stake in the growing currency of their data. They all have their own goals and priorities — which means each uses their own tools to collect, master, maintain, and share multi-domain data. Now, healthcare organizations need a data platform that allows for true collaboration.

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With that in mind, IMT has designed Health:iDM to accommodate this shifting world and give all stakeholders what they need to meet their goals — today, tomorrow, and down the road.

And it comes with savings that average 30% lower total cost of ownership over a traditional EMPI.

Keep reading how Health:iDM is different from traditional EMPIs – or watch our demonstration videos and see for yourself!

5 ways IMT Health:iDM is different

IMT Health:iDM is optimized to meet healthcare’s biggest challenges while delivering value to the ever-evolving needs of healthcare stakeholders. By listening to our customers, we designed Health:iDM to empower them with the capabilities they need to innovate, enhance patient experiences, and improve outcomes.

Here are five ways that Health:iDM is fostering healthcare innovation and excellence while ensuring compliance and interoperability.

  1. Optimized for healthcare data
    For nearly 30 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of healthcare clients, so we know healthcare data challenges.  Health:iDM reflects the intricacies of those challenges, from patient safety and experience to revenue cycle management and analytics. In addition to multi-faceted data domains for patient, client, provider, location, and organization (just some examples, data domains, attributes, and relationship types are limitless) Health:iDM applies trusted identity matching for overlays, duplicates, merges, and identifier collisions critical in healthcare for either automated or manual resolution. The result? More auto-resolution of data issues, which mean fewer manual review and stewardship tasks, not to mention fewer false negatives and false positives.
  2. All the tools you need, all in one place
    Health:iDM is truly a single solution for matching, governance, modeling, and analytics. We can help achieve semantic interoperability and active integration within and beyond your health system boundaries. There’s no need for unique skills to integrate and implement a whole suite of new tools. Rather, with open integration APIs and microservices, stakeholders can do what they need in a single platform, such as:
  • Create shareable and trusted golden views of patient, provider, and organizations (just to name a few!)
  • Profile and clean up new data before it’s loaded
  • Set up quality rules and enrichment functions for ongoing data improvement
  • Deliver analytic reports and dashboards to measure data quality and composition
  • Leverage reference data management from public or private data sources
  • Design multi-departmental, multi-role workflows for data review, authoring, and governance
  • Allow contributing and consuming systems to access the data using REST API, HL7, or FHIR interfacing
  • Rapidly deliver business focused applications for stakeholders
  • Develop and deliver data catalogues and business glossaries or integration with existing enterprise data catalogues
  1. Customize with configuration, not code
    Empower your stakeholders to customize Health:iDM directly in the platform.  All applications and user-facing tools are 100% customizable through the Application and Dashboard builders.

    You create the applications that Clinical data owners, provider relations managers, data quality team members, or revenue cycle managers need, or integrate data quality notifications or alerts with other systems – it all depends on your governance preferences and internal system capabilities. 
  2. Evolve the applications, workflows, and dashboards you deploy,  without starting over!
    Health:iDM lets you evolve and expand ever-increasing value without re-architecting or reloading your data. As stakeholders present new use cases or want to test a hypothesis, you can use the built-in application builders and dashboards to quickly provide new views, attributes, domains, or new REST API services.
  3. Manage multiple implementation styles simultaneously, by domain
    Every department or team has its own needs, but you’re all using the same data set. Health:iDM lets you manage multiple styles at once so you can optimize by use case or governance policies. It’s what’s called “Multi-Vector MDM”.

    For example, you can implement patient data with a registry style that leaves most data in the original source system. Meanwhile, your provider data can be implemented as physical/consolidated data, allowing you to host a fully publishable copy of the best provider data. Your organization data could be centralized for shared authorship across the organization.

    This model gives you the flexibility you need to serve each type of stakeholder — while once again leveraging your existing data governance rules.

How IMT Selected Semarchy xDM as the foundation for Health:iDM

The Semarchy Intelligent Data Hub platform is intuitive and agile, giving us the best toolset to deliver new capabilities to our clients. The platform is highly regarded by industry analysts and Semarchy customers as well!  IMT was able to rapidly apply our expertise in healthcare data to the platform and analyzed xDM’s accuracy, performance, and ability to deliver on the most important healthcare data management and governance functions.  It delivered and gave us even more capabilities to build the workflows, dashboards, applications, and profiling our customers have been asking about.

We can’t want to show you more!

Get started with Health:iDM

Learn more about Health:iDM, watch our demonstrations or contact to schedule a demo to see how Health:iDM can empower your organization to deliver more value from your health data.