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Why Semarchy

Data only matters if it drives smart growth

Semarchy is the future of data management, governance, and integration for companies ready to compete and win in the digital experience economy. Give every team the ability to detect opportunity, assess potential, and forge alignment around the next winning move.

Make data actually actionable

Give business decision-makers the ability to guess less, know more, and make better business decisions every day. It begins with a single source of truth.

  • Fast time to ROI

    Easy access to actionable insight is just one move away — and measurable ROI can be yours by next quarter.

  • Versatile use cases

    When solving business problems is as easy as defining them, you can start with the low-hanging fruit and keep right on picking.

  • Easy to use

    Empower business thinkers to ask and answer burning business questions to find real competitive advantage.

  • Affordable cost

    Semarchy leverages and strengthens the technologies you have, making it easy to update data strategy at a lower cost.

Stop debating in silos
— start solving together

Do your business leads and technology resources seem to be speaking different languages? Get everyone on the same page with one platform that fuels data-driven collaboration without taxing IT.

more data accuracy

More data accuracy

With the Semarchy Unified Data Platform, managing, governing, and integrating data is all in one place. Integrate, collect, and maintain more complete and accurate data to build a data-driven business culture.

Implement your way

Make your move just the way you want to. Semarchy’s solution is native to the cloud and available on cloud marketplaces. It’s a full SaaS offering through our partners. You can even download it to install on-premises.

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Design apps easily

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is built around easy-to-read business rules that enable no-code configuration. Serve the business while optimizing data and tech resources for the most complex requests.

Future-proof data strategy

Our open architecture empowers you to rapidly leverage innovative capabilities like AI/ML without disrupting existing systems & processes while providing flexibility for tomorrow. Semarchy’s roadmap, services and world-class support will help you stay at the forefront of modern data management.

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What are your strategic data needs?

We’ve helped companies across many industries transform data strategy to gain competitive advantage. Solve your top business challenges and capture ROI at breathtaking speed — 80% of our customers measure value in less than 12 weeks.

Get started, and get full value

Data strategy is easier with Semarchy. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is designed to fit your business, not the other way around — and we’re here to help you prove value before, during, and after you implement our solution.