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Build a better workplace culture

How can you engage and retain the most talented employees? Build authentic relationships and make everything effortless. Speed employee processes, be more responsive, and make it all efficient with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform.

Set them up for success

Today’s employees are looking for employers that set them up for success in every aspect of working life. Aligning people and processes gets easier with one source for up-to-the-moment HR information and insights across your enterprise.

Find and hire talent

Move faster to connect with talented individuals — and treat candidates to a smooth, inspiring hiring process.

Onboard and upskill

Get employees from first-day jitters to full productivity with processes that are fast, painless, and easy to follow.

Evaluate with ease

Understand employee performance from macro to micro with complete records on every department and individual.

Always be responsive

Gather feedback and respond to requests to keep employees engaged — and to ensure they look to HR for solutions.

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Data benefits everyone

HR teams shouldn’t be cut off from the data they need to succeed. Whether it comes to managing benefits, creating schedules, or engaging employees to retain top talent, give HR professionals insights and information at their fingertips.

Secure views

Open the door to data-driven decisions. Role-based permissions ensure that only the right people see sensitive HR information.

Confident compliance

Easily collect and properly manage employee data. Governance rules are built-in, reducing regulatory risks at every step.

Effortless processes

Cut down on HR time spent managing tiny details. Automated processes and unified data speed up everyone’s success.

HR insights

Easy-to-read dashboards and business rules let HR teams ask and answer burning business questions without IT resources.

Your success is our strategy

See how our HR and employee customers use the Semarchy Unified Data Platform — and discover what it’s like to make solving business problems as easy as defining them.


Chipotle Mexican Grill

Challenge Get more on-the-go customers into stores
XDM Solution Enhanced address, demographic, and map data with Melissa and Google
Results Saw digital and store traffic results in weeks
The value of seeing the ins and outs of Chipotle’s operations is priceless. You’re able to make faster decisions and that’s an advantage in this market. — Hogan Lee, Business Intelligence Manager

Designed to adapt to you

What needs solving in your industry? See more stories, then talk to us about your domain to pursue data-driven solutions with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform.

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