Compete and grow with new data services

Today’s top competitors collaborate within an ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers, and more. To participate in an enriched ecosystem, you must be able to expose data securely and create data services fast. Semarchy can show you how.

Data services, API style

Data makes collaboration between companies easier than ever. Semarchy xDI lets you move faster to support data services needs from any line of business. Connect and disconnect new services and applications in plug-and-play mode.

Open up to the outside world

Make internal data available in a flexible and agile manner — while keeping it all secure.

Consume data from outside

Retrieve and display information from any system for a more holistic view of customers and more.

Make data self-service

Optimize exchanges with partners, offer new services, and become more responsive to business needs.

Streamline data use

Deliver data for each business need in real-time without allowing data to propagate or duplicate out of control.

Add agility to the system

Switch to an API-first strategy to facilitate experimentation, meet real-time data demands, and deliver microservices.

Reduce technical debt

Avoid rigidity brought on by legacy systems with slow, complex, or obsolescent technologies.

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Foster more innovation

Expose data and processes with no line of code. Create complex services that aggregate data from multiple applications. Stay focused on solving business problems — and not technical issues.

Develop apps with ease

Semarchy xDI allows you to build data services in a few clicks. Our API component requires no development effort for all types of web services — SOAP, REST, XML, JSON, and more. No learning curve is required.

Super connectivity

Take advantage of connectivity to all systems from SGBD to NoSQL, big data, the cloud, and ERP. Interact with other web services and APIs, exposing any data model in CRUD mode. Easily debug and supervise analytics at a glance.

Data integration as a service

Compose services easily with one-click publication of any data integration flow as a web service or API. Provide SOAP and REST access to a standard entry point, making virtually any development effort a service.

Leverage existing API initiatives

Semarchy xDI has native invocation and publishing capabilities for web services and APIs via SOAP and REST protocols. Reverse engineer any type of web service or API. Oauth2 is supported, as are standard input/output formats XML and JSON. Finally, it interprets WSDL, WSI description formats natively.

Integrate API management

Integrate natively into any API management application. The services published by Semarchy xDI comply with Swagger or WSDL standards. Integration with an API management solution enables you to define security, set up load balancing, manage the cache, and manage services in one place.

Performance management

Semarchy xDI does not require a heavy, dedicated infrastructure. The engine is a lightweight, easy-to-install component. Its duplication is as easy as a copy/paste. All this contributes to the industrialization of deployments. This flexibility reduces time-to-market and increases the success of business projects.

Your success is our strategy

See how our data services customers use the Semarchy Unified Data Platform — and discover what it’s like to make solving business problems as easy as defining them.


Chipotle Mexican Grill

Challenge Get more on-the-go customers into stores
XDM Solution Enhanced address, demographic, and map data with Melissa and Google
Results Saw digital and store traffic results in weeks
The value of seeing the ins and outs of Chipotle’s operations is priceless. You’re able to make faster decisions and that’s an advantage in this market. — Hogan Lee, Business Intelligence Manager

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