It’s easy to switch to the Semarchy Unified Data Platform

Semarchy is the flexible, future-proof, affordable way to capture ROI fast. Prioritize data freedom today, and blow your forecasts away tomorrow. Get it done with the budget you have and at breathtaking speed.

Implement your way

What are your business needs and requirements? With our Unified Data Platform, flexible implementation is yours. Whatever your technical environment may be, we can help you capture more ROI by next quarter.


Control your destiny — and your data — with an easy-to-configure framework.


Get moving, adapt to changing requirements, and measure business value fast.


Speed ahead with world-class deployment assistance and production support.

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Flexible options put you in control

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is native to the cloud. It can be implemented as a service or on-premises. You get seamless integration with industry-leading software like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, and Marketo, as well as data blending with external providers like Melissa, Google, Bing, and more.

Get it in the cloud

Rely on an enterprise-scale, secured, and highly available architecture. If you have an Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure account, get the Semarchy Unified Data Platform in the cloud to take advantage of your existing partner services.

Use it as a service

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is now available as a full SaaS offering. Managed and monitored by our partners 365x24x7, your data is isolated and encrypted in transit and at rest. Pay as you grow — start small, and scale up fast with a modern, cloud-native architecture.

Install it on-premises

If you want to install Semarchy on a local server or even a laptop, we’ve got you covered. You get all the same features on-site and within your own secured systems. Migrate to our SaaS or other cloud service at any time.

Moving more projects into the cloud?

From staggering data volume to real-time data demands, the Semarchy Unified Data Platform helps you handle your data initiatives in the cloud — or out. You get the flexibility to work the way you want to.

Application & streaming

From batch to real-time demands, exchange data effortlessly.

Business intelligence & analytics

Aggregate data from all sources, and reveal actionable insights.

Cloud migration

Move data to the cloud and between applications, anywhere.

Data anonymization

Maintain security and compliance while providing data access.

Data fabric

Aggregate, load, and check big data environments with ease.

Data services

Expose complex data and processes with no-code configuration.

How can we help you get more from data?

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is a highly adaptable platform you can evolve to meet your changing business needs fast. Low-switching costs and high flexibility let you start with the low-hanging fruit and keep right on picking.