Smarchy for Services Providers

Service delivery that truly satisfies

For B2B services providers, contracts are complex and competition is fierce. How can you win customers who prefer your way of doing business? The answer lies in your data. Differentiate your service delivery with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform.

Simplify and satisfy

It’s time for service providers to say goodbye to separate systems and data silos. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform brings it all together so you can fine-tune every process. The more you streamline sales and service, the more you make a bottom-line impact.

  • Track your leads

    Connect the dots between the best opportunities and high-value services with complete data on every contact.

  • Close those contracts

    Make complex contracting as easy as possible with automated processes and consistent communications.

  • Speed proposals

    Propose the right package of services to the right customers and prospects to continually build relationship value.

  • Provide superior service

    Know and report on actions taken, efficiencies gained, and KPIs met, so customers see your value at every step.

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Deliver superior experiences

Sales and service teams need information and insights to attract the right prospects, close high-value deals, and ensure customer satisfaction. From managing work orders to creating schedules or reporting performance, give your teams easy access to data-driven decision-making.

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Secure views

Role-based permissions ensure that data is shared with the right teams at the right times — and that security is always maintained.

Confident compliance

Easily collect and properly manage customer and service data. Governance rules are built-in, reducing regulatory risks at every step.

Effortless processes

Cut down on sales and support time spent managing tiny details. Automated processes and unified data are all in one place.

Service insights

Easy-to-read dashboards and business rules let business leads ask and answer burning business questions without IT resources.

Your success is our strategy

See how our service provider customers use the Semarchy Unified Data Platform — and discover what it’s like to make solving business problems as easy as defining them.

“The value of seeing the ins and outs of Chipotle’s operations is priceless. You’re able to make faster decisions and that’s an advantage in this market.”

Hogan Le
Hogan Le
Sr. Manager, Governance and BI Systems

Success Stories

Chipotle Mexican Grill

High-performance, agile, and extensible data integration for all styles and use cases.

  • Challenge: Move data to the cloud and between applications, anywhere.
  • Solution: Enhanced address, demographic, and map data with Melissa and Google
  • Results: Saw digital and store traffic results in weeks
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