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Semarchy Customer Services & Support

It’s more than support — it’s mentorship

Choosing Semarchy means bringing a team of accessible data experts into your world. Let us help you evaluate ROI, deliver on time, and fine-tune your use of our Unified Data Platform within your unique business.

Your success is the heart of our strategy

Along with our strategic partners, we engage early in the implementation process to mentor our clients and ensure that they get maximum value from Semarchy. Talk to us about your project, process, or planning needs.

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Get moving faster

Our team can deliver a working iteration using your data in about 12 weeks.

Deliver confidence

Our expert consultants can help you secure your project delivery timeline.

Perfect your output

Our expert services teams can provide feedback and best practices in your domain.

Become more proficient

Get tailored training on your business needs based on data extracts you provide.

Expert Consulting

Our expert consultants can work with you and your partners to secure delivery of your data initiatives with Semarchy.

Our team helps you with:

Data governance workshops

Let’s refine your business requirements and engage business leads in data governance best practices.

Design workshops

We can help with the design of your first Semarchy iterations and provide best practices to your IT team or partners.

Success metrics definition

We’ll work with your business users to set up success criteria and KPIs based on their requirements and ROI measurement needs.

Project planning and iteration

Let us monitor project completion, help you set up new iterations, and act as a liaison between your business and our product team.

Expert Services

Let us provide valuable feedback and recommend best practices to succeed with Semarchy. Our team helps you with:

Get a bottom-line analysis of your data needs and opportunities

How can we help you compete?

At Semarchy, we know it’s not about the data — it’s about the value your business decision-makers get from data-driven insights. From training to consulting, we’re here to help you find your competitive advantage with Semarchy.

Jump-start your new data strategy

We can workshop data governance, project design, success metrics, and project planning best practices to get you moving. Our team can typically help you target a single domain, integrating 5 applications or less, in about 12 weeks.

Check your projects for quality

Let us support you with expert architecture, data model, and user interface reviews to ensure foundational projects elements are compliant, functional, and usable. We can even do a detailed data bootcamp to ensure effective match and merge.

Help your developers serve business thinkers

Deep dive into Semarchy to explore best practices that will bring business thinkers into collaborative partnerships with your data teams. Choose from half-day to 5-day training programs or explore our self-paced tutorials.

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Make your switch to Semarchy

Choose Semarchy today, and capture ROI by next quarter. Fast-track best-in-class data integration, management, and governance with our Unified Data Platform. Request a demo, start a free trial, or get a proof of value consultation to get started.