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How is Semarchy Approaching AI/ML in MDM?

Semarchy has offered open integrations with AI/ML solutions (since 2014) to augment our leading unified data platform.

AI is a significant opportunity, but needs our leading approach to deliver value for your data.

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Understand the problem

Your business is unique and so are its needs. AI is significantly more powerful when the problem is concisely defined with a strong alignment across teams tied to organizational goals.

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Apply the technology

Trust is the foundation for leveraging AI with your data. Vendors should have a history of prioritizing customer success and provide a flexible solution that can easily adapt and evolve.

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Rapidly deliver value

Without delivering value, AI is meaningless. Not only should value be delivered rapidly with minimal constraints and disruptions, it should also be strategic, secure & sustainable.

Want to rapidly deliver value to your AI ambitions?

Why is Semarchy’s Approach to AI/ML Better?

It’s strategic, secure & sustainable. Semarchy has and always will take a customer-first, trends-second approach to innovate our products and ensure we’re rapidly delivering value.

Our open architecture approach empowers clients the flexibility to leverage state of the art AI/ML capabilities without compromising foundational data assets & existing business processes.

Semarchy’s Constructive Approach

Creates strong enterprise data foundations with a flexible, open architecture for AI/ML augmentation

Accelerate business value with state-of-the-art AI/ML

Reduces risk to core enterprise data & systems

Minimizes disruption for people & processes

Competitors Constrained Approach

Highly dependent on a single vendor with closed systems and limited access to better AI/ML capabilities

Unclear business value with limited AI/ML technologies

Increase risk to core enterprise data & systems

Introduces disruption for people & processes

Your AI ambitions deserve a better, leading approach

What AI/ML Capabilities Does Semarchy Offer Today?

We’ve had packaged & third-party AI/ML capabilities since 2014

Easily generate product descriptions with OpenAI’s completion prompts using our REST API enricher

Automatically create translations for your master data in over 80+ languages with our native Google Translate plugin

Accelerate curation, moderation and governance of critical visual assets with our AWS Rekognition enricher

What is Semarchy’s AI/ML Vision for MDM?

We envision AI as a copilot to business users, data stewards and app designers to optimize their work. We will begin by focusing on each persona to explore how AI/ML may accompany them.
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Business Users

Reduces time/effort required to enrich, standardize, generate, suggest translate, classify and rectify enterprise master data

  • Capabilities: Natural Language Interactions, Automated Errors Correction, Intelligently Assisted Workflows/Automation
database management

Data Stewards

Automate and enhance metadata organization, asset tagging and descriptions, data glossary association and PII detection

  • Capabilities: Assisted duplicates management, self-learning match/merge, entity and relationship detection
app design

App Designers

Improve efficiency for deploying data products with intelligent semantic type mapping, asset/UI generation and translations

  • Capabilities: Natural language rule generation, Match rules recommendations and automated integration mappings

What AI ambitions do your data teams need?

How Should I Approach AI/ML Capabilities in MDM?

AI is an incredible opportunity – and like any new innovation, practical optimism and healthy skepticism will provide the most strategic, secure and sustainable approach.


Do you trust and consent your vendor(s) to train and leverage your sensitive & valuable information assets?



Will technology easily comply & adapt to evolving rules and regulations with transparency & audibility?

value proposition


Can the vendor provide strategic and sustainable business value for your specific needs that aren’t generic?

Fulfill your AI ambitions with a trusted data leader

About Semarchy’s Unified Data Platform

  • Description: Semarchy, a leader in the master data management and data integration market, enables organizations to rapidly generate business value from their data in as little as 10 weeks. Its unified data platform (xDM + xDI) enables organizations of any size to discover, integrate, enrich, manage, govern, and report critical information scattered across siloed systems.
  • Semarchy is available on-prem and natively deployable on popular cloud marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or managed as a service supported by a rich ecosystem of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and professional service partners.
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