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Semarchy for Any Industry

Whatever your goal, get there with data

What needs solving in your business? Semarchy’s enterprise master data management software gives you the power to solve business problems with data. If you can define your challenge, you can solve that challenge. Start with the low-hanging fruit, and keep right on picking.

Drive a new enterprise MDM strategy

Are you stuck with ungoverned spreadsheets, scattered data, and data silos? With Semarchy, your teams get secure access to one trusted source of truth. Discover, govern, integrate, manage, and measure critical data all in one place.

  • Save time

    Stop asking teams to look everywhere for the data they need. Save time and money by moving data across systems effortlessly.

  • Build trust

    Do your teams trust data right now? They will when intuitive governance processes are built into every process.

  • Collaborate better

    How can teams work together without a shared set of facts? Enable data-driven collaboration with organized, enriched, validated data.

  • Look ahead

    Stop the time-consuming task of gathering past data to make decisions about the future. Real-time data offers predictive insights.

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Trust Your Data and Your Peers

Discover why we’re a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for Master Data Management & hundreds of clients trust us to deliver value on their data rapidly.


2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Master Data Management Solutions

Gartner Peer Insights

2022 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice for MDM


The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management Solutions, Q4 2021

Fits your domain by design

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is designed to fit your business — not the other way around. Say goodbye to partial solutions or expensive workarounds. Switch to Semarchy and see measurable results within one quarter.

All-in-one platform

Handle enterprise master data management projects holistically, from inception to iteration. Integrate and transform data from any source. Define quality policies and create collaborative governance. Manage all data initiatives in a single environment.

Zero code required

Serve teams faster with no-code configuration of queries, workflows, and more. Empower them to ask and answer burning business questions without IT resources. Design easy-to-read dashboards that visualize data to reveal data-driven insights.

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  • Adaptive and secure

    Design data applications with workflows, permissions, and more at the pace of business. Role-based permissions offer secure access to the right users. Reporting traceability, lineage, and historization make compliance simple.

  • Open and extensible

    Blend and enrich data from any source, and leverage any technology or service with standard APIs. Support batch or real-time bidirectional integration, and let any application use all the capabilities of the Semarchy Unified Data Platform.

Your success is our strategy

See how our customers use the Semarchy Unified Data Platform — and discover what it’s like to make solving business problems as easy as defining them.

Make your switch to Semarchy

Get powerful data integration and more with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform. Choose our Unified Data Platform today, and capture ROI by next quarter. Request a demo, start a free trial, or get a proof of value consultation to get started.

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From Data-Lock To Data Driven

Unlock the true power of your financial data with our eBook, ‘From Data-Lock to Data-Driven: Harnessing Semarchy’s xDM Solution for Financial Institutions’. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through achieving data agility, fostering reliable decision-making, and enhancing regulatory compliance, transforming you into a truly data-driven institution.


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Data as Currency

The importance of Master Data Management in Banking

Unlock the power of your banking data with Semarchy’s xDM solution – ‘Data as Currency.’ This infographic vividly illustrates the transformative role of Master Data Management in modern financial institutions, helping you unlock untapped potential and drive business growth.

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Master Data Management, Data Governance, and Data Integration: Boosting Banking Industry Efficiency

In the banking industry, managing vast amounts of data is essential to maintain competitiveness and compliance. Effective data management involves mastering data, governing it, and integrating it seamlessly. This data sheet explains how mastering data management, data governance, and data integration can help banks improve efficiency, streamline operations, and stay compliant with regulations.