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Have the right part or product, every time

Product Master Data Management Software

Does your business depend on producing myriad products across multiple locations and complex supply chains? Knowing where every part is, how many are left, and where they are needed is a real challenge. Solve it with Semarchy’s product master data management solution.

Data helps you do more

The product world is fiercely competitive. How can you drive efficiency across every aspect of your product operation? The answer lies in taking control of data with better product master data management. Skip separate systems, data silos, or partial solutions. Semarchy’s Unified data platform adapts to you.

  • Read the trends

    Get accurate intelligence on what’s selling, who wants it, and at what price to find your best product opportunities.

  • Secure supplies

    Communicate with suppliers accurately and at speed so you can get what you need to complete critical orders.

  • Manage inventory

    Know what you have and where it’s located down to the very last piece, even across hundreds of locations.

  • Deliver accurately

    Handle prototype feedback and quality assurance checks to satisfy your customers without breaking a sweat.

Track products and parts with ease

Whether you are concerned with filling orders faster, getting the right parts to the right places, or staying price competitive, the Semarchy Unified Data Platform offers powerful answers from manufacturing to B2B and retail inventory.

Analyze real-time performance

Empower your buyers and business decision-makers to use product master data every day in every way. Self-serve business intelligence means users across your product enterprise can focus on “what” they need to learn — the “how” is automatic.

Ramp up operational efficiencies

Eliminate the burden of managing multiple data sources and software systems. Improve capacity planning, forecasting, and budgeting across all of your plants, warehouses, and more.

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Make communications effective

From schedules to contracts to locations, handle the lifecycle of each product project without costly change management issues. The Semarchy Unified data platform’s product MDM capability is designed to evolve, so you can expand, adapt, and enrich each relationship.

Better manage processes and people

Align your people and processes around one source of truth with the Semarchy xDM: Master Data Management & Data Governance Module. Develop applications for any line of business with one common skill set, customizable workflows, and interfaces driven by project needs.

Scale your success as you grow

The Semarchy Unified data platform is a cloud-native platform that can handle a global manufacturer’s data volume and system complexity. Unlock legacy systems and unify your data strategy to fuel sustainable business growth around the globe.

Strategize with all possible data insights

Read trends to get predictive. Strategize and communicate the vision for your product roadmap more easily than ever before. Enable business leads to drill into data, understand data relationships, and ask new questions to pursue sales growth.

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Your success is our strategy

See how our products and parts customers use the Semarchy Unified data platform — and discover what it’s like to make solving business problems as easy as defining them.

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“We’ve really increased the trust in our data across the organization, through our data quality standards, metrics and measures.”

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James Carne
Head of Global Product Data

Success Stories


Enabling a trusted 360° view of customers and products — The Semarchy Master Data Management (MDM) tool was selected to streamline their improvement process and make their internal systems faster and more flexible.

  • Challenge: Future-proof systems to support Elsevier’s sustainable growth
  • XDM Solution: Agile, iterative tools fed clean product data to the ecommerce system
  • Results: Improved customer experiences support sales growth at reduced costs
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Designed to adapt to you

What needs solving in your industry? See more stories, then talk to us about your domain to pursue data-driven solutions with the Semarchy Unified data platform.


What does a typical core data model for product master data management look like?

The core data model for such a domain is usually centered on the Product (or Part/SKU) and is augmented with information elements such as extensible attributes, families and taxonomies, bill of materials, rich content (media, images, videos, PDF, etc.), variants (sizes, colors, etc.), markets, geographies, pricing, lifecycle, branding and IP, legal data, compliance data, marketing campaigns, costs of sales, social metrics, inventory, supply chain information, sales, recommendations and call center statistics.

What business processes can be managed using the Semarchy Unified data platform for product master data management?

Critical business processes that can partially or fully be managed include product creation, deduplication, consolidation, collaborative information completeness, partner enrichment, classification, media enrichments, configuration, BOMs (MBOM, SBOM, EBOM), lifecycle management, hierarchies, advanced DQ, pricing, transfer prices, CFR 11, IDMP, MiFID, BCBS239, licensing, IP, environment, health, formulation, performance monitoring, profitability, quality insurance, satisfaction/loyalty surveys, recommendations, social campaigns, and planning.

Can product master data management help to improve business process agility and outcomes?

Definitely. It can streamline how you manage the lifecycle of all products across geographies, with a centralized hub for all data. It can also enrich trading partners relationships and data blending with external data providers (e.g. Indix, Google), as well as increase product and process integrity for optimal supply chain creation, lineage, consolidation and maintenance.

Would my investment in an MDM solution keep pace with market directions and trends?

Absolutely! We produce quarterly product updates and constantly look for new ways to innovate. To put your mind at ease, we rated second out of 15 MDM vendors in the Roadblock to Innovation vs. Helps Innovate section of SoftwareReviews’ September 2022 report! See how 26 reviewers rated us here.

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