Proof of Value

When considering a master data project, organizations quickly face the challenge of evaluating ROI and value in order to gain executive sponsorship. Sponsors frequently perceive such projects as risky and time-consuming with low chances of success. They require convincing with solid facts.

Our Proof of Value approach addresses this challenge.

Justify ROI

We build key performance metrics in our application using xDM from Semarchy to help you estimate a measurable ROI.


We build the first iteration of your application and provide you with tangible results to demonstrate to your executives.

Minimize Risk

We leverage our experience to walk you through the common pitfalls and initial challenges of MDM and RDM projects.

Start with a Proof of Value

De-risk your implementation, experiment with a full working model, get started quickly.

Download this Proof of Value (PoV) datasheet – an overview of the steps involved with implementing a full-working MDM implementation in 2 weeks using your data.

Data quality, completeness, and risk assessment

Business outcome validation and data governance planning

ROI design, calculation, and justification

Project iteration roadmap and milestones

POV Deliverables