Master Data Management Solution

Measure ROI in Under 12 Weeks

  • Data apps delivered to achieve your specific business objectives
  • Seamlessly adapt to changing business requirements
  • Elegantly handle the most complex use cases

Why MDM?

Your data is only useful if it is accurate. Master Data Management is an essential first step in AI projects. AI is only successful when trained with clean, accurate data. A Master Data Management solution creates golden records for the absolute truth.

Deploy in days. ROI in weeks.

Our leading Master Data Management (MDM) solution allows you to rapidly build and deploy custom, data-rich apps tailored to your business needs with zero code in the cloud or on-prem.

Powerful Automations: Easily create custom business rules to automatically generate technical artifacts and enforce data quality for golden records.

Zero Code Development: Simple, intuitive interface allows you to design data-rich business apps in days and deliver ROI in weeks.

Complex Use Cases: Multi-domain record management to elegantly handle the most complex use cases.

AI: Leverage AI-powered data matching and cleansing to streamline data preparation and ensure the highest quality data fuels your applications

The Semarchy Platform

Successful implementations start with the people.

At Semarchy we are maniacally focused on your success.  Every project is supported by our team MDM experts have implemented 100s of successful projects.

  • Customer success experts dedicated to your success
  • Kickstarter models to help you envision and accelerate 
  • Rapid delivery blueprints step-by-step guides 
  • Portfolio of implementation partners including Global and Regional partners

Our MDM software can connect to any of your existing on-prem or cloud systems with a native publish-subscribe framework. Customized REST/SQL endpoints can be used to push or pull data with enterprise level scaling. If you need high-performance support for ETL/ELT data flows, learn more about our data integration tool.

Gartner Peer Index

Gartner Peer Insights

4.8 out of 5

Top Rated Vendor

“Being able to expand on Semarchy’s functionality and all the great things we built with the MDM foundation, we are able to do more with the product than what we had originally started with – we are able to leverage Semarchy as more of a strategic MDM solution.”
Hogan Le master data management solution
Hogan Le
Sr. Manager, Governance and BI Systems

Trust your data and your peers.

We take rapid time-to-value for your data projects really seriously. Learn why 100% of customers would recommend our MDM software in the last 12 months:

Miscellaneous Services

“I love its implementation speed and simplicity which has allowed our data analysts to get started more quickly.”

Miscellaneous Services

“Semarchy xDM has proven to be flexible enough to handle our more complex work flows and data validation requirements. The tool is well architected.”

Miscellaneous Services

“Excellent vendor service, support and consulting, for an overall robust and efficient product, which has been well adopted in our organization.”

Miscellaneous Services

“The customer support team is very helpful. They have been very prompt with response in case we have any questions.”

Miscellaneous Services

“The data management product is capable of managing the large volume or data my organization maintains and also processing new incoming data and matching to the existing records as well.”

Take an interactive tour of Semarchy xDM

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Create Golden Records for all your:


Create a single, authoritative source of truth for people data by unifying data from disparate systems and enriching it with contextual information. Learn more.


Unify places data from multiple sources to create a single, accurate, and up-to-date view, ensuring consistency and completeness. Learn more.


Establish golden product records by unifying and enriching data from ERP, product catalog, and customer feedback systems. Learn more.


Combine and cleanse policy data from various sources to create accurate and complete records, ensuring compliance and best practices.

Semarchy excels at managing intricate data needs, across multiple domains, effortlessly handling records enriched with multiple attributes.

Single Module, Multiple Solutions.

MDM is designed to scale quickly from one domain to multiple at the fraction of the resources traditionally required. Over 60% of our clients have deployed our MDM solution in multiple domains to master their data.

See how data leaders are utilizing MDM:


Match, merge and consolidate millions of people and entities across your CRM, ERP and support systems that interact with your business.

B2C/B2B Customers, Employees, Partners, Hierarchies


Manage and monitor thousands of location assets across your ERP, EWM and SCM systems that enable business operations.

Offices, Stores, Plants, Warehouses


Author, update and analyze your whole portfolio of products and services to make informed actions based on quality and performance.

Sell/buy-side, BOM, Approval Workflows, Families


Govern and enforce enterprise data strategy collaboratively to improve accessibility, auditability and accuracy of information assets.

Glossaries, Standards, Processes, Catalogs

Try our MDM solution for free using your data

Trying our MDM platform for free using your real data is the best way to understand how we can help you master and govern your data. Install Semarchy’s MDM module on your laptop, local server, or cloud services. Learn more about our data platform deployment options.

If you have an AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud account, you can try MDM immediately in the cloud from your preferred marketplace or download on-prem.

Check our tutorials and installation guide to get started.

MDM Core Capabilities

MDM’s single module enables data stewards to easily create robust, data-rich apps that solve business problems

Data Modeling

Comprehensive, logical ER modeling for even the most complex relationships, and automatically generating technical artifacts and documentation.

Data Quality & Enrichment

Automatically enforce data quality rules with fuzzy match and suggestions scoring from native and custom third-party enrichment data.

Data Governance

Collaboratively create business glossary, policies, reference data, list of values, roles, workflows metrics, and KPIs. Learn more.

Data Stewardship

Optimize data steward operations with robust hierarchy management, automatic data quality detection, suggestions, and resolutions.


Easily design analytical and operational dashboards with rich, responsive charts and native connectors to Oracle, MSSQL, and JDBC databases.

Data Management

Augment data management with built-in search/filtering, responsive forms/collections, graph browsing, and guided data authoring.

Data Discovery

Rapidly profile data from source systems with detailed table and column level statistics, drill-downs, and automatic policy suggestions.

Data Integrity

Bi-temporal modeling with time-travel, data lineage, auditing, history, and impact analysis on any RDMS (Oracle, MSSQL, or PostgreSQL).

Data Integration

Robust publish-subscribe framework to integrate data in batch or real-time using customized REST/SQL endpoints. Learn more.

Workflows & Processes

Advanced BPMN workflow design with automatic policy/quality enforcement, escalations, assignment, and notifications.

Data Security

Secure single sign-on (SSO) with support for enterprise and application specific roles applied on any API, UI, and even cells.


Full support for high-performance RDBMS storage, HA/LB server clustering, private clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP), on premises, or SaaS offerings.

video chipotle master data management solution

“The value of seeing the ins and outs of Chipotle’s operations is priceless. You’re able to make faster decisions and that’s an advantage in this market.”

Hogan Le master data management solution
Hogan Le
Sr. Manager, Governance and BI Systems

Success Stories

Chipotle Mexican Grill

High-performance, agile, and extensible data integration for all styles and use cases.

  • Challenge: Move data to the cloud and between applications, anywhere.
  • Solution: Enhanced address, demographic, and map data with Melissa and Google.
  • Results: Saw digital and store traffic results in weeks.

MDM Architecture & Implementation Styles

Our leading capabilities concurrently support the four most common implementation styles for MDM/RDM/ADM. You can easily change styles to better fit your needs as your business/technical requirements evolve.

Low control, autonomous environments
Matches and links to create a “virtual” system of records. Physically stores the global ID that links to data from source systems.
Ideal for reporting or analytics that reside in a BI/data warehouse
Matches and physically stores a consolidated view of master data.
Large-scale distributed model
Matches and physically stores and publishes consolidated view of master data.
High-control, top-down environments
Matches and physically stores the up-to-date. Authoring of master & reference data in MDM.


For real-time central reference,
completely non-intrusive.

Matches and links to create a “virtual” system of records. Physically stores the global ID that links to data from source systems.


For reporting, analytics and central reference.

For reporting, analytics, and central reference. Matches and physically stores a consolidated view of master data.


For harmonization across systems and for central reference.

Matches and physically stores a consolidated view of master data.


System of record for operational and analytical systems.

Matches and physically stores the up-to-date consolidated view of master data. Authoring of master and reference data in MDM.

Unsure which style is right for you?


How long does it take to realize a return on investment?

We can help you build a working data application in two weeks, and 80% of our customers measure value in fewer than 12 weeks.

What does the Master Data Management solution implementation process look like?

We define the project scope, select a data subset, return an in-depth profile of data quality and recommendations, define the goals and then use MDM’s agile modeling to deliver a full working app in fast sprints, before validating the outcomes and preparing the next iterations.

Can your Master Data Management software be deployed on premises?

MDM’s lightweight architecture scales infinitely on premises or in the cloud. It integrates with other applications through REST or SQL APIs in real-time or batch.

Which data domains can be included?

MDM is the single Master Data Management platform for managing and governing customer, supplier, employee, product, financial, asset, location, and reference data.

How do you handle potential conflict in the vendor-client relationship?

Building a rapport of trust is the foundation of our client engagement strategy. Our customer success team is second to none, and we treat all our clients fairly. This is underlined by the fact that we ranked 3rd in the Unfair vs. Fair category of SoftwareReviews’ September 2022 report, scoring 98+. See here how 26 reviewers rated us!

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Semarchy experts can walk you through the details of our MDM tools in the context of your business requirement and industry. We will be happy to tailor a comprehensive custom demonstration highlighting the features that will make your future project successful.