xDM as a Service

Semarchy xDM is available as a Service through our partners. With their support, discover a turnkey solution with hassle-free deployment and built-in services.

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Unleash the power of Semarchy xDM within your reach through a cloud-powered service

xDM as a Service 

xDM is now available as a full SaaS offering with the help of our partners' teams who take care of all the details regarding infrastructure so you can focus on creating data solutions to power your business.

Monitored & Managed 365x24x7

We worry so you don’t have to. All infrastructure is fully managed by our partners for a guaranteed hassle-free deployment.

Fast. Scalable. Pay as you grow.

No deployment is too big or too small. Start small and scale-up fast based on your needs within a modern cloud-native architecture.

Designed for maximum security

All your data is isolated and encrypted in transit and at rest. Access is limited to your designated users and endpoints.

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xDM as a Service empowers business users. It offers them easy ways to get the most of their data accurately, in a secure and instant cloud-native environment, away from the hassles of IT infrastructures.


Accelerate your Time-to-Market thanks to a world-class deployment assistance & production support.


Adapt to changing business requirements and bring business value from the first steps of your project.


Control your destiny and be the master of your data in an agile and easy to set-up framework.

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