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Semarchy xDM is an all-in-one platform to discover, govern, integrate, manage, visualize, and measure critical data assets in a single environment.

Semarchy xDM is your Intelligent Data Hub™

Unify scattered and siloed data to unlock competitive advantage. With Semarchy xDM, any-sized business can securely access and manage data in one place.

Data Discovery

Onboard and document all data sources to unlock business value.

Data Integration

Move data across systems effortlessly to support any integration use case.

Data Governance

Ensure data quality with intuitive governance processes built right in.

Data Management

Enable data-driven collaboration with organized, enriched, validated data.

Data Dashboard

Make better business decisions with secure access to data-driven insights.

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What makes Semarchy xDM different?

Single Platform

Handle data management initiatives holistically, from inception to iteration.

Comprehensive Model

Design and deploy data models, mappings, and applications in a single place.

Zero Code

Serve teams faster with no-code configuration of queries, workflows, and more.

Extensible and Open

Extend capabilities with standard APIs to leverage any data technology or service.

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What are your current challenges? Get a comprehensive demonstration tailored to the needs of your industry and organization. Semarchy experts will be glad to focus on the features you need to turn data into your competitive advantage.

Designed for versatility and value

Gain control of your critical data and easily define and enforce corporate policies. Organizations of all sizes and industries benefit from a full set of features to build production-ready operational and analytical applications in a single environment.

  • Data Modeling Icon Data Modeling
  • Data Quality & Enrichment Icon Data Quality & Enrichment
  • Data Stewardship Icon Data Stewardship
  • Dashboarding Icon Dashboarding
  • Data Management Apps Icon Data Management Apps
  • Data Discovery Icon Data Discovery
  • Core Data Management Icon Core Data Mangement
  • High-Performance Integration Icon High-Performance Integration
  • Workflows & Processes Icon Workflows & Processes
  • Data Security Icon Data Security
  • Architecture / Performance Icon Architecture / Performance
  • Data & DevOps Ready Data and DevOps Ready

Flexible implementation puts you in control

The Intelligent Data Hub is natively available on cloud marketplaces like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It can also be implemented on-premises or as-a-service (SaaS) with all of the same features.

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xDM On-premise

Run xDM on your machine

xDI on Premises

Run Data Integration on your machine

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