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Unified Data Platform

Measure ROI in Under 12 Weeks

Make solving business problems as simple as defining them. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform includes our best-in-class Master Data Management software, xDM, and our data integration software, xDI, allowing you to unlock the true value of your data. Find out how to put data-driven insights into every team’s toolkit.

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Why Is Semarchy Better?

We’re obsessed with rapid time-to-value. Our approach and platform is designed to be agile so you can build custom apps in days and measure ROI in weeks. Here’s how we’re able to deliver actual value on your data faster than it takes you to understand our competitors’ products.

  • Rapid Results

    Our intuitive, low-code UI lets you rapidly build custom data apps and deliver business value in days – not months.

  • Critical Automations

    Easily create custom, fit-for-need automations for all your data operations without code or complicated templates.

  • Seamless Scalability

    We prioritize starting small with a single use case, but design for enterprise scalability with effortless change.

  • Customer Obsessed

    We commit to your success with simple and transparent pricing, flexible implementations, and award-winning support.

We provide exceptional delivery assurance and customer support

We’ll ensure your data project are successful – whether working with just us, your existing vendors, or our MDM implementation partners.

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One Data Platform, Two Powerful Modules

Measure ROI in under 12 weeks and reduce TCO by 80% on your data management projects with Semarchy’s unified data platform. While you can easily deploy our Master Data Management solution (xDM) or data integration tool (xDI) independently, you’ll realize the most value using them together.

Our platform and approach to a modern data strategy is simple – rapid time-to-value. Most clients using our unified data platform measure ROI on their Master Data Management projects in under 12 weeks. Talk to one of our MDM experts for free, or download this datasheet to see how we can help your data journey.

Discover xDM

Onboard, understand, and document existing data sources.

Uses: Data Profiling, Data Preparation, Data Lineage, Search
Integrate xDI

Move data across systems easily while reducing integration costs.

Uses: ETL/ELT, BPM, Virtualization, APIs
Manage xDM

Collaboratively access, manage, organize, validate, and publish data.

Uses: MDM, ADM/RDM, Data Stewardship, 360 View
Enlighten xDM

Enable 100% trusted insights for analytical and operational reporting.

Uses: Data Visualization, Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics, Data Science, AI/ML
Govern xDM

Establish enterprise data policies, glossaries, and governance workflows.

Uses: Workflows, Data Glossary, Policies, Data Catalog

Get xdm logo white master data management software in the Cloud or on Premises

If you have an AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud account, you can try xDM immediately in the cloud from your preferred marketplace or download on premises.

Get xdi logo white master data management software on Premises

Download xDI on your laptop or local server. Check our tutorials and installation guide to get started.

Free seven-day trial. No registration required. Choose your deployment option.

Request Demo

Semarchy experts can walk you through the details of xDM in the context of your business requirement and industry. We will be happy to tailor a comprehensive custom demonstration highlighting the features that will make your future project successful.