Solve it with our Unified Data Platform

Let’s make solving business problems as simple as defining them. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform includes xDM for management and xDI for integration so you can unlock your data’s value. Find out how to put data-driven insights into every team’s toolkit.

Guessing is out, knowing is in

Forget ungoverned spreadsheets, scattered data, and data silos. With Semarchy, your teams get secure access to one trusted source of truth. Discover, govern, integrate, manage, and measure critical data all in one place.


Onboard and document all data sources to unlock business value.


Move data across systems effortlessly to support any integration use case.
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Ensure data quality with intuitive governance processes built right in
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Make better business decisions with secure dashboards for data-driven insights.


Enable data-driven collaboration with organized, enriched, validated data.
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Flexible options put you in control from the cloud to SaaS and on-premises.
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What makes Semarchy different?

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is your integrated data management platform. It’s one place for business-centric data management, powerful data integration, and intelligent data governance. With Semarchy, any-sized business can build trust in a single source of truth.

All-in-one platform

Handle data projects holistically, from inception to iteration. Integrate and transform data from any source. Define quality policies and create collaborative governance. Manage all data initiatives in a single environment.

Zero code required

Serve teams faster with no-code configuration of queries, workflows, and more. Design easy-to-read dashboards that visualize data to reveal data-driven insights.

Adaptive and secure

Design data applications with workflows, permissions, and more at the pace of business. Role-based permissions offer secure access to the right users. Reporting traceability, lineage, and historicization make compliance simple.

Open and extensible

Blend and enrich data from any source, and leverage any technology or service with standard APIs. Support batch or real-time bi-directional integration and let any application the capabilities of our Unified Data Platform.

What are your strategic data needs?

We’ve helped companies like yours turn intractable data blockers into unparalleled data insights. Solve your top business challenges and capture ROI at breathtaking speed — 80% of our customers measure value in less than 10 weeks.


Handle regulatory compliance, gain insights, and build trust.
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Improve patient experiences and achieve better health outcomes.
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Drive efficiency across every supplier, part, place, and process.
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Build customer relationships and orchestrate buying journeys.
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Streamline sales and service delivery for bottom-line impact.
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Any Industry

Make solving business problems as simple as defining them.
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Build one trusted source of truth

Data governance is easier with a fully customizable platform. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is designed to fit your business, not the other way around. Get better data, build more trust, and realize ROI faster with Semarchy.