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Reduce Integration Costs by 80%

Efficiently deliver data across your systems with xDI’s high-performance, agile, and extensible Data Integration Solution, part of the Semarchy Unified Data Platform. Our technology allows you to deploy new connections in days, not months, and significantly reduce integration costs.

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Modernize Infrastructure, Reduce Costs

Our data integration software’s simplified, model-driven approach and flexibility enable you to adapt to any integration requirements for a fraction of your existing development and maintenance costs.

Powerful Automations

Visually design data flows that convert business rules into deployable code that integrates, transforms, and publishes data.

Agnostic Architecture

Extensible and open architecture that supports on-prem, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployment environments.

Unified Solution

Fast, powerful, and secure data integration capabilities for real-time streaming or batch processing all in one tool.

Native Integrations

Easily integrate your data with our growing portfolio of dedicated connectors supporting legacy and modern sources.

Accelerated Migrations

Out-of-the-box migration utilities automate the conversion of existing legacy technology jobs into xDI.

Evolutive Tech for Ever Changing Needs

Our data integration platform’s unique design approach and unified architecture empower teams to simplify integration development, deliver data efficiently at a low cost, and rapidly adapt to ever-changing business or technical requirements.

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