Semarchy Standard Global Support Policy

Please read the Semarchy Standard Global Support Policy

Support Services, Policies, and Service Level Commitments (SLA)

Technical Support Services

Semarchy will identify one (1) primary relationship manager and one (1) back-up relationship manager who will act as a single point of contact for ongoing management and resolution of issues.

Semarchy will provide telephone and/or email consultation to you on normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm local time (“Standard Support Hours”), to assist in problem resolution.  The support includes help desk support, telephone and/or email consultation, and remote communication support for you all of which are subject to the limitations hereinafter described. 

You may call the Semarchy Help Desk during Standard Support Hours, send an email or open a ticket on Semarchy Help Desk support portal. The latest information for contacting Semarchy Technical Support is kept up to date on

If you encounter a problem in the usage of the programs and send a support request to Semarchy, Semarchy shall diagnose and reasonably assign a priority to the noted problem.  If it is determined by Semarchy that said problem is caused by an error in the programs, Semarchy shall make its best efforts to correct said problem according to the Severity Levels defined below. If it is determined that said problem is not caused by an error in the programs, Semarchy shall make its best effort to advise you and share its known best practices with you.

Severity Levels Definition

A “bug” or “defect” or “problem” in the programs means any failure of the programs to have the functionality or perform as intended or otherwise in accordance with, or meet any specifications or requirements contained in, the published Documentation for the programs. Support requests shall be classified by the following priority and response levels:  

Severity 1 – Critical Business Impact

A bug or defect blocks substantial features or all features of Semarchy Programs. The customer’s work is stopped or so severely impacted that the customer cannot reasonably continue to work. The operation is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency.

Severity 2 – Severe Business Impact

A bug or defect in Semarchy Programs causes a severe impact on productivity and/or service levels. The customer’s work is continuing (not stopped). Operation can continue in a restricted fashion. 

Severity 3 – Minor Business Impact

A bug or defect in Semarchy Programs causes a minor loss of service. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality.

Response Time


Response Time

Target for an acceptable workaround

Target for a fix (product patch) 

Severity 1 – Critical business impact


2 days

5 days

Severity 2 – Severe Business Impact


5 days

10 days

Severity 3 – Minor Business Impact


Not applicable

Within 12 months in the next generally available product patch


Support Policies

Upon receipt or diagnosis of a Severity 1 issue, Semarchy shall commit to commercially reasonable best and continuous efforts to resolve or provide you with an acceptable work-around for the issue. 

While our support is developer / configuration project focused, and we don’t offer formal around the clock support, we will also make every reasonable effort to support typical situations, such as production deployments or changes, where assistance and support may be required beyond normal business hours. For best coverage, Semarchy requests at least 48 hours of advanced notice, during business hours, of any planned production changes or upgrades of the Semarchy programs to ensure they can alert the support team and have resources on standby for extended hours or weekend support. 

In order to provide the support services described herein, Semarchy will work together with our clients and relevant Semarchy services providers such as Systems Integrators or SaaS services providers in good faith to determine access solutions as required which conform to your security and data access policies and procedures. Under typical circumstances, Semarchy does not require or have any access to customer’s production environments or data.

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