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Our xDM platform turns business users into data champions. It empowers organizations of any size to build trusted data applications quickly, with fast time to value using a single software platform for governance, master data, reference data, data quality, enrichment, and workflows.

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Semarchy acquires Stambia enhancing its Data Hub with improved, built-in Data Integration.

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Semarchy xDM platform

Turn business users into data champions


Use xDM platform to experience the Intelligent Data Hub™.  Benefit from a full set of features to build production-ready Master Data Management (MDM), Reference Data Management (RDM), Application Data Management (ADM), Data Quality, and Data Governance operational and analytical applications.



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Semarchy provides world-class service and supreme customer satisfaction by partnering with global consultancies and technology companies. Our implementation partners all have strong track records in Data Management strategy, system integration, and professional services.



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When considering a data hub project, organizations quickly face the challenge of evaluating ROI and value in order to gain executive sponsorship. Our Proof of Value approach addresses this challenge in less than 2 weeks.



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Our expert trainers and our Customer Success team guide you through intensive courses with online hands-on training that can help you to get the most out of Semarchy xDM.

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