Gaining full visibility and control of the supply chain with better data

Chipotle Mexican Grill is mastering everything with xDM from the freshest menu ingredients of any national chain to the tax, regulatory, and management specifics for each of their, over 2,500 stores. With Semarchy, Chipotle was able to shift control of data from IT to the business user, leading to increased data accuracy, decreased system reaction time, and improved customer service.

The future of data management is here

When Chipotle started their MDM journey, the first asset they wanted to master was their locations: all of their restaurants across North America and Europe. From there, they moved on to mastering all their global products and menus. The success of these projects utilizing an iterative approach generated great outcomes in their digital transformation and efficiency.


  • Data Ownership: outsourcing to an external vendor is expensive and requires complex workflows
  • Data Visibility: not having visibility and control of master data made it difficult to drive stewardship and governance
  • Response Time: need to be able to react quickly to product and locations changes and emergencies with the right master data
  • Data Management: difficult to drive good data management with multiple systems, locations, and departments
  • Reporting and Analytics: impossible to analyze business metrics when data is messy and unorganized


  • Leveraging the xDM platform, Chipotle’s business units are now empowered to be more proactive with systems that can react faster with a single platform to support all business requirements.
  • Chipotle and their implementation partner were able to deploy their solution iteratively and with a fast time to value, efficiently building an intelligent data management application to handle the requirements of mastering, managing, governing, and enriching data for restaurants, menus, location, and tax program information.
  • By utilizing the Intelligent Data Hub™ to empower their business units with a collaborative hub for data management and governance across their whole ecosystem and mastering the vast majority of information across their 2,500 restaurants, Chipotle gave their business units more control.


  • Eliminated operational data redundancy costs with a single data management process
  • Empowered the business to be proactive and react quickly in a competitive industry
  • Increased brand awareness, implemented customer loyalty programs, and improved customer experience with accurate, centralized information about stores and menus
  • Reduced regulatory compliance risks with increased food delivery traceability
  • Removed 3rd party, taking master data management in house to standardize and streamline master data
  • Chipotle continues to work with Semarchy on innovating new ways to leverage the Intelligent Data Hub to reduce business complexity and increase efficiencies for their global business, and has prepared the foundation to support exponential international growth
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“Semarchy has really evolved with our company. Mainly because the product agility and flexibility allows us to go where the business takes us. Being able to expand on Semarchy’s functionality and all the great things we built with the MDM foundation, we are able to do more with the product than what we had originally started with – we are able to leverage Semarchy as more of a strategic MDM solution. With hundreds of DCS and suppliers, being able to standardize and get this into an MDM solution makes it so much easier for us to manage that data, and also to report on it and to analyze our business based on having clean master data.”

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