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Multidomain Master Data Management Software

What if you could make critical insights accessible across your enterprise? From customers to employees, supply chain to sales — your burning business questions are asked and answered by using the Semarchy Unified data platform as your multidomain master data management software.

Discover what quality data can do

You need better data about your customers. But you also need data about every person, place, product, part, and process that impacts your bottom line. Applying multidomain master data management, the Semarchy Unified data platform lets you gather it all together into one source of truth.

Decide once, solve infinitely

The Semarchy Unified data platform is designed to adapt to you. Powerful data modeling and mapping allow business thinkers to focus on easily readable business rules — not technical complexities. Start with the low-hanging fruit and keep right on picking.

All-in-one platform

Handle data projects holistically, from inception to iteration. Integrate and transform data from any source with our multidomain master data management software. Define quality policies and create collaborative governance. Manage all data initiatives in a single environment.

Zero code required

Serve teams faster with no-code configuration of queries, workflows, and more. Design easy-to-read dashboards that visualize data to reveal data-driven insights.

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Adaptive and secure

Design data applications with workflows, permissions, and more at the pace of business. Role-based permissions offer secure access to the right users. Reporting traceability, lineage, and historization make compliance simple.

Open and extensible

Blend and enrich data from any source with multidomain MDM and leverage any technology or service with standard APIs. Support batch or real-time bidirectional integration, and let any application use all the capabilities of the Semarchy Unified data platform.

Your success is our strategy

See how our multidomain MDM customers use the Semarchy Unified data platform — and discover what it’s like to make solving business problems as easy as defining them.

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“Volvo Cars embraced a multi-domain MDM architecture, achieving the data integration and connectivity needed to modernize their global business.”

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Customer Success Team

Success Stories

Volvo Cars

Managing all types of data in one place with multidomain MDM.

  • Challenge: With multi-brand, multi-legal entity status, the Swedish multinational needed to address data quality, visibility, response time, and governance issues in its complex data landscape.
  • xDM solution: Developed a multidomain MDM architecture to transform data management and connectivity for global modernization.
  • Results: Data quality, consistency, and governance improved across all business units, enabling strategic decisions with real-time analytics and reporting that established a foundation for international growth.

Multidomain data management, designed to adapt to you

What needs solving in your industry? See more stories, then talk to us about your domain to pursue data-driven solutions with the Semarchy Unified data platform.


Is there a limit on the number of data sources used in multidomain MDM?

No. The Semarchy Unified data platform has been designed to be used flexibly with any number of data sources.

What are the most common types of data used in multidomain MDM?

Some key examples include customer data, parts and products data, assets and locations data, HR and employee data, and financial hierarchy data.

What are the differences between single domain MDM, multidomain MDM, and multiple domain MDM?

Single domain MDM refers to a solution which provides master data for one specific domain only. Multidomain MDM is a solution which manages master data across all domains through a single platform, with one governance approach that applies to all. Multiple domain MDM is a similar solution to multidomain MDM, with the main difference being that each domain has a separate governance approach.

Is there any user feedback regarding service levels and support for your multidomain MDM software?

Yes, and our customers love us! With our industry-leading knowledge base, our customer success team offers dedicated global service and support. Proof of our five-star support is that we received an approval rating of 98+ out of 100 in the Wastes Time vs. Saves Time section in the Service Experience category of SoftwareReviews’ September 2022 report. We ranked 2nd out of 15 MDM vendors! Check what 26 reviewers had to say about us here.

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