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Privacy and compliance are paramount

Data Anonymization Software

Need a data integration strategy with best-in-class privacy by design? Semarchy xDI protects personal data and meets regulatory requirements through its user-friendly data anonymization software with pseudonymization, traceability, and auditing capabilities.

Built for best practices

Reduce risk with complete control over all data, who has access, and under what conditions. Follow privacy best practices from development to productization across the enterprise. Our data anonymization platform makes security simple.

Define privacy rules

Work more, worry less. Make privacy best practices part of standard operating procedure.

Develop securely

Apply custom dictionaries, random values, automated numbering, obfuscation, encryption, and more.

Prove compliance

Show audits of the privacy strategies employed without having to think — reports are generated automatically.

Say Goodbye Silos, Hello Insights

Combine data anonymization software with powerful data integration tools to get Semarchy xDI. Quickly integrate and transform data from every possible source, all in one place. Ready to put actionable insights into every team’s toolkit?

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Aggregate data with ease

Remove information system silos with a reliable exchange architecture.

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Move at the pace of business

Ingest and deliver data in real-time to support mission-critical business moves.

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Handle variety and volume

Process structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data at escalating scale.

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Deliver data efficiently

Unlock maximum business value while controlling data infrastructure costs.

Download a free trial to test-drive xDI using your real data

If you want to install Semarchy Unified Data Platform on your laptop or on a local server, we have you covered. Check our tutorials and installation guide to get moving.

Make privacy easy with Semarchy

Privacy is fully integrated into Semarchy xDI through metadata. For each schema, table, and column, the user can define rules regarding anonymization, pseudonymization, or data generation. Rules are applied automatically.

Data anonymization

Protect data by anonymizing development or test databases while loading them from the real data of the production databases. Semarchy’s data anonymization software lets you define rules on metadata, then performs the specified anonymization.

Data pseudonymization

When it comes to analysis, protect data with pseudonymization. In this case, you can expose data to the outside world and set up analytics systems — including business intelligence, big data, and machine learning — to assess it.

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employees data anonymization software

Generated datasets

Developing new business applications or business intelligence data models requires data. Automatically feed new databases with randomly generated datasets during development and testing phases while keeping real data protected.

Certified compliance

Prove your data privacy practices meet regulatory standards without stress. Semarchy’s data anonymization platform makes it easy to show that you have privacy policies in operation. Set up audits and certifications with automatic reports.

Your success is our strategy

See how our data anonymization customers use the Semarchy Unified Data Platform — and discover what it’s like to make solving business problems as easy as defining them.

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What we liked about Semarchy – it involves relatively low overhead to get started, besides purchasing the cloud license; it is very lightweight, has a really nice interface, is very intuitive and user friendly. Most importantly, it can scale with us as we continue to grow. It is pretty customizable and can be tailored to fit our needs.

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Ben Vardag
Director of Data Services, Shake Shack

Success Stories

Shake Shack

Shake Shack needed an MDM solution to get up and running in a matter of weeks – not years – that could grow with them.

  • Challenge: Shake Shack’s greatest challenge is ensuring a consistent customer experience during each visit and across all restaurants.
  • XDM Solution: Data governance solution focusing on mastering all restaurant location-related information system
  • Results: Shake Shack is now equipped with reporting dashboards on sales, customer demographics, and purchasing behaviors to drive and enhance their customer experience.

Designed to adapt to you

What needs solving in your industry? See more stories, then talk to us about your domain to pursue Master Data Management solutions with Semarchy.

Make your switch to Semarchy

Get powerful data integration and more with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform. Choose our Unified Data Platform today, and capture ROI by next quarter. Request a demo, start a free trial, or get a proof of value consultation to get started.


What is data anonymization?

Data anonymization refers to the process of modifying or transforming data in such a way that it cannot be directly linked to an individual or entity. It protects sensitive information by replacing or removing identifiable attributes, while still allowing for analysis and data utilization in a privacy-compliant manner. Semarchy’s data anonymization software enables organizations to define rules and apply anonymization techniques to ensure data privacy and compliance.

How does Semarchy’s data anonymization software protect personal data while ensuring regulatory compliance?

Semarchy’s data anonymization solution provides user-friendly tools for pseudonymization, traceability, and auditing. It enables organizations to define privacy rules, apply anonymization techniques such as encryption and obfuscation, and automatically generate compliance reports.

What are the advantages of Semarchy’s data anonymization software in terms of reducing risk and ensuring security?

Semarchy’s data anonymization software allows organizations to have complete control over data access and conditions, reducing the risk of data breaches. It follows privacy best practices throughout the development and productization process, making security simple and safeguarding sensitive information.

Can Semarchy’s data anonymization software be used for development and testing purposes?

Yes, Semarchy’s data anonymization software offers the ability to anonymize development or test databases while loading them from production databases. It also facilitates the generation of randomly generated datasets for development and testing phases, ensuring data privacy while enabling the development of new applications or business intelligence models.