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Red Wing Shoes

Empowering all business units with collaborative data management and governance

With continued retail and e-commerce growth, Red Wing Shoes chose Semarchy xDM to meet its need for a central data hub that could manage all its customer data. By generating a 360° view for all divisions of the company, it was able to improve its customer’s knowledge and eventual customer experience.

An intelligent and agile data journey

For over a century, Red Wing Shoes have been built with a purpose to outlast the harshest working conditions, proudly protecting generations of workers across the globe with a focus on continuous innovation. Today, the company manufactures and sells footwear, garments, and accessories, with the best purpose-built solutions inspired by iconic styles. Each pair of footwear combines the finest leather with uncompromising craftsmanship and builds on their legacy of USA-made excellence.

With so much growth over the years in retail and the explosion of e-commerce, Red Wing Shoes realized the need for a central data hub that could help them better manage all their customer data. They wanted to generate a 360° view for all divisions of the company to improve their customer knowledge across all departments. This need brought them to Semarchy where they started their data journey.

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With Semarchy, we solved our data quality and master data management issues with one system. Now our customer data contains a single golden record for everyone, making it easy for marketing, sales, and customer service to see the data in real-time.

— Jay Wardle, Director of Enterprise Data at Red Wing Shoes