ADEO Group

Leveraging agile data integration to adapt quickly to changing business needs

ADEO chose Semarchy xDI for its flexibility and adaptability to their specific global business needs, as well as the highly advantageous TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the group compared to other solutions.

The future of agile data integration is here

The top third group in the world for DIY and decoration consumer goods retail, ADEO is a global network of home, living environment, sustainable housing, tooling, and crafts. With 32 autonomous and interconnected companies in 15 countries, 600 shops, and 30 brands, ADEO employs more than 97,000 people and boasts an annual revenue of 17.3 billion euros.

With such a multitude of global companies and brands, ADEO was struggling to integrate data into their business intelligence systems both in terms of reactivity and controlling the cost of their data integration. ADEO needed to solve its data integration and data management challenges with a cost-effective solution that did not disrupt the complex day-to-day operations.

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ADEO has been a customer of Semarchy xDI (formerly Stambia Data Integration) since 2012. All stages of ADEO’s data transformation have been accompanied by Stambia, from the booster report, to our transition to the cloud via our Hadoop platform. The data strategy of this merger is consistent with the ambitions and projects carried out at ADEO. The union of these two actors gives us a glimpse of great prospects.

— Global Chief Data & Cybersecurity Officer, ADEO Group

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