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Semarchy Training

Empowering Your Data Journey

Benefit from our training to accelerate your personal development. Learn at your own pace with our resources and courses.

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Semarchy’s training solutions includes:

Hybrid LearningeLearning
Customized virtual learning environment
eLearning activities including presentations, demonstrations, quizzes, & hands-on exercises
Interactive instructor-led training sessions
Collaborative forum for students and instructors

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“Peter was extremely helpful and prompt. Extremely satisfied with this course. Keep up the good work!!”

“The trainer, Peter, was very helpful and a patient listener. He was able to clarify all our doubts.”

“Both Peter & Nora were amazing. When I had queries or I wasn’t certain that I’d done the right thing, they were incredibly helpful. Very approachable.”

“The instructor answered all our questions quickly and accurately. Videos are very precise and give a good understanding of concrete cases.”

“The training was clear and explicit. Hybrid Learning allows more time to assimilate and understand, while respecting each person’s pace. This learning format allows you to organize your time well thanks to the appointments offered in advance.”

“Olivier is always ready to share his knowledge and demonstrate the tool’s capabilities. I’ve discovered new things that I can use in my project to get better results. The Hybrid Learning format allows you to adjust your schedule and gives us flexibility.”

“I found the format of this course very well adapted. The course materials and the Semarchy Workspace are clear, and the practical exercises and their answers enable you to make progress in acquiring skills without getting stuck. Jean Michel’s knowledge made this course very interesting. I highly recommend this course.”

“I’ve really learned a lot about xDM development, which I’ve been handling (as a user) for several months now, but this makes what I can see about MDM much more concrete. I’ve taken several Hybrid Learning courses, and I’ve been very pleased with them. They have enabled me to deepen my use of Semarchy and apply the SemQL language.”

“The presentations are clear and transparent! I love learning by having visual examples of the subject. Also the videos are short, enough to learn new topics and to digest it easily.”

“I found the fundamentals course very comprehensive as it covered all the main notions of the tool and gave me the keys to getting started with xDI developments.”

“Anastasia is dynamic, reassuring and encouraging during the training, and she doesn’t hesitate to take the time to answer all our questions.”

“The course meets my expectations and even goes beyond them, because despite the fact that it only covers the basics of xDI, it meets most of my business needs.”

“A well-constructed training course to help you master the tool step by step. I appreciated the quality of the explanations and exercises, as well as the availability of instructors.”

“Overall, it was an interesting and rewarding course. Very good exchanges with the instructor, good listening, understanding and explanations. There’s a little less interaction with the instructor than in a traditional training course (face-to-face/live), but you can ask him for help by chat if you have any concerns, and you can go back over the course to listen, so that’s pretty good.”

“The training gives me a comprehensive understanding of hierarchal file systems as well as web services and their integration. This has provided me with with the knowledge and skills to work with file systems and exploit web services for effective data exposure.”

“As always, Anastasia listens to questions and answers them accurately. She also takes the time to send more detailed feedback by e-mail when questions are more in-depth and she can’t answer them right away. A top-notch instructor!”

“The module lived up to my expectations and was exactly what I had in mind: methods for generating and deploying deliverables, plus the Analytics interface to monitor everything from a single location.”