Our expert trainers guide you through intensive courses with hands-on training that can help you to get the most out of Semarchy xDM.

xDM Classes

Our team has been expert in MDM since the discipline was formalized many years ago.  While you will find our xDM Solution quite intuitive, clients have in the past asked us to deliver a ‘Master Class’ for advanced topics — to show power users how they can accelerate their implementations, and advance collaboration from the entire organization.

Developing with Semarchy xDM

This hands-on course will enable designers to build agile MDM solutions to fit their businesses. It will provide them with the knowledge/foundations to develop smart data models with in-built governance to empower business users to manage their master data.

Data Stewardship

Use the free trial of xDM to discover and start using our platform.

Get Proficient

Use our product documentation and our tutorials to learn the concepts and features of xDM.

Get More

Schedule a training with one of our experts and learn the best practices for your MDM and RDM project.

Semarchy Integrator – Development & Administration

xDM easily integrates with any data integration solution from most vendors. Some clients don’t have a preferred tool, so we created Semarchy Integrator to help them get data from anywhere in their enterprise into xDM — quickly and easily.  Data integration can be tricky, but our experts can help. The hands-on class brings integration architects and designers up to speed with Semarchy Integrator and guides them through an entire integration project, from the initial setup and design tasks to the deployment and administration operations.

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