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Your MDM Solution Can Be Ready Next Quarter

80% of our customers have done it, so can you. We’ve used this approach to rapidly deliver hundreds of tailored MDM implementations for our clients in under 12 weeks. Internal team, or with partners, leverage over a decade of our best practices using the Rapid Delivery Blueprint.

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Client Success Story

Shake Shack | 4 weeks, 1 FTE

Learn how Shake Shack adopted our best practices and centralized their location data into one managed repository to provide an up-to-date view, reduce siloed systems, and improve data sharing across the organization. Semarchy enabled them to lower operational and development costs, enhance data quality and governance, and streamline visibility and control of master data to drive stewardship – in just 4 weeks.

What is the Rapid Delivery Blueprint?

With over a decade of experience and hundreds of successful MDM deployments, we know that the technology is as important as the approach. Semarchy’s Rapid Delivery Blueprint is your step-by-step guide with best practices to ensure your first successful data hub implementation.


of clients deploy fully tailored master data management solutions with xDM in < 12 weeks.
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Everyone Else

of businesses fail when first attempting to implement and maintain an MDM project (Gartner).

What’s Inside

  • Project Discovery & Planning

    Align on objectives, goals, and capabilities to establish measurable outcomes for data hub implementation.

  • xDM Design & Build

    Configuration of data models, user interfaces, match/merge and survivorship rules, roles, and security.

  • Business Go-Live

    Equip internal teams with training and knowledge to maintain, support, and scale your data hub apps.

  • xDM Platform Installation

    Infrastructure & architecture design of data hub with initial installation of app and database for deployment.

  • Quality Assurance

    User acceptance, security, and performance testing aligned to business objectives with documented support/release.

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Who is the Rapid Delivery Blueprint For?

You can leverage the proven blueprint to follow our best practices for rapidly implementing Semarchy’s unified data platform solution in under 12 weeks. Typically only 2-4 internal FTEs are required to implement your tailored solution.


  • Solutions Architect

    Primary technical liaison for internal/partner team during implementation

  • Project Manager

    Primary Semarchy contact to coordinate project stakeholders and adhere to overall goals and timeline

  • Customer Success Manager

    Dedicated long-term representative to ensure you get the most from your investment


  • Business Sponsor

    Primary stakeholder desiring Semarchy’s solutions with final sign-off and authority on the project

  • Data Steward

    End-users who will curate data for the data app and influence improvement opportunities

  • Business Representatives

    Usually within an organization’s data domain with deep operational familiarity of current processes

  • Infrastructure

    Technical resources responsible for provisioning and maintaining the on-prem or cloud infrastructure

Internal or Partner

  • Project Manager

    Lead and monitor the project progress, set deadlines and remove bottlenecks for the team

  • ETL Developer

    Build and maintain ETL pipelines to/from your data hub

  • Dev Resources

    Designers configuring Semarchy’s no-code platform to translate business requirements to generate data apps


  • 3rd-Party App Dev

    As-needed resources from 3rd-Party app representatives to deliver functionality/data to your app

Experts, At Your Service

Our expert services are available at key milestones to help you achieve your goals and have an exceptional onboarding & implementation experience. These quality gates ensure that the best practices detailed in the Rapid Delivery Blueprint are properly adopted from start to finish.

Project Plan Review

Top-down review of your team’s MDM project plan to determine feasibility and resource optimization

Architecture Review

Ensure architecture is compliant with your needs as well as with Semarchy’s technical specifications

Data Model Review

Ensure data model complies with functional and non-functional requirements of your solution

UI/UX Review

Ensure your UI/UX fulfills all the functional and non-functional requirements with compliance to best practices

Matching Bootcamp

Detailed assessment of matching to ensure best practice for effective match/merge strategy in data hub

Leverage Our Resources

At Semarchy, our unique value proposition is helping our clients rapidly deliver tailored data management solutions in under 12 weeks. Along with our blueprint, our other resources can help accelerate your data initiatives.

Free Trials & Downloads

Try our leading unified data platform modules for free xDM (on-prem or AWS, Azure, GCP) or xDI (on-prem) (new tab, same window)

Tutorials & Documentation

Publicly available, well-documented resources to learn about Semarchy’s unified data platform solutions (new tab, same window)

Proof of Value

2-week pilot program to deliver a working instance of your data hub with live datasets to validate business objectives and justify ROI (new tab, same window)


Dedicated support community to ask and answer questions related to our solutions and best practices (new tab, same window)

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Want to see how our clients deploy their first data hub in < 12 weeks?