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AWS Master Data Management Solution

Using the Semarchy Unified Data Platform as your Amazon Web Services (AWS) master data management solution, you can simplify any complex data management and governance (Semarchy xDM), and integration (Semarchy xDI) needs while maximizing your cloud investment in the process.

Unify your AWS master data, boost your efficiency

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) requires effective governance processes that safeguard master data quality. And that’s only possible with the right AWS master data management solution. 

  • Boost data quality and governance

    The Semarchy Unified Data Platform can effortlessly unite high-quality, consistent, and accurate data from Amazon’s cloud technologies into a single source of truth.

  • Simplify migration to the AWS cloud

    Optimize usage by migrating clean, trusted data from on-premise applications to the cloud with our powerful AWS connector.

  • Accelerate cost-effective data integration

    Utilize the ELT architecture of Semarchy xDI to install a runtime in the cloud that enables autonomous executions with less complexity and without costly, lengthy integration projects.

  • Unlock the true potential of BI and analytics

    Accelerate your cloud analytics modernization, get BI on the fly, and eliminate the time-intensive consolidation of past data.

  • Maximize your Amazon investment

    Our AWS master data management solution is the best way to simplify interaction (extraction or integration of data) with Amazon cloud technologies, including Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon RDS.

Intelligent AWS Master Data Management to drive better business decisions 

Our holistic data management platform is the most efficient and cost-effective approach to extracting maximum value from your data. Along with seamless integration, it provides all the tools required for cloud analytics, data quality, and real-time streaming.

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Superior data quality for a 360-degree customer view

AWS must be paired with a suitable master data management solution to ensure the required data quality. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform helps to unify and cleanse data from AWS to help you uncover the actionable, 360-degree insights you need to deepen customer relationships and build loyalty.  

Improved BI for better decision-making and data analysis

On-prem systems often lack the agility to quickly deliver time-sensitive data insights needed to keep companies competitive. With Semarchy, business decision makers get real-time, data-driven insights and business intelligence in AWS without taxing technical resources.

Automate your processes in real time

Traditional data integration solutions have a proprietary engine they need to deploy in the cloud, making it difficult for companies that need to manage autonomous executions. The ELT architecture of Semarchy xDI enables such executions with less complexity and reduces cost by 80%. 

Harness the potential of big data platforms

Big data doesn’t have to be a big hurdle. Semarchy xDI links AWS cloud applications effortlessly to big data platforms to enrich customer data without exposing sensitive and confidential information. It keeps learning curves low and ROI high.

Simplify data migration and integration to AWS

Organizations that need to process massive amounts of data will benefit most from using an ELT approach for cloud projects and hybrid architectures. Semarchy xDI’s ELT architecture doesn’t use an external processing engine, making it the ideal AWS data integration tool

Fast data integration results

Our dedicated connectors (70+) support both legacy and modern sources. Its universal connectivity, supported by template design components with out-of-the-box capabilities, accelerates delivery by reducing implementation time.

Rapid generation of projects

Our AWS master data management solution equips organizations with an agile response to growing business or technical requirements. Low code development built on a flexible and scalable architecture, ensures the swift generation of projects while customizable templates support underlying tech changes and unique needs.

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Which AWS solutions is the Semarchy connector compatible with?

Our connector works with Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon RDS, among others.

Can you deploy the Semarchy Unified Data Platform in AWS?

Yes! You can deploy the Semarchy Unified Data Platform in AWS, or an alternative cloud environment such as Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

My business has complex AWS data management needs. Is your solution flexible?

Of course. Semarchy offers a superior level of flexibility, which includes the capability to adapt all preconfigured templates to fit perfectly with your business needs.

Should I be concerned about the vendor-client relationship suffering after purchasing an MDM solution?

Not at all! For us, support is more like mentorship. And we always remain respectful of our clients, proven by our score being in the top six of 15 vendors in the Disrespectful vs. Respectful section of SoftwareReviews’ 2022 report.

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