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Master Data Management Solution Buyer’s Guide

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External, Independent MDM Software Buyer’s Guide by Henrik Liliendahl of MDM List

This guide is aimed at helping you in selecting a Master Data Management (MDM) solution that will be fit for scope, context and identified requirements for such a solution.

Solutions available on the MDM market are both similar and different. Therefore, you may spend time comparing capabilities that in fact are fulfilled by any solution on the market but miss comparing capabilities that will make a difference to you.

This guide and the underlying solution selection model is focusing on the parameters where solutions on the market differ.

By using this guide, and the solution selection model, you will avoid the trap of only relying on generic analyst ranking reports that consider a lot of capabilities that are not relevant for your context, scope and requirements. Find out more about:

  • The Disruptive MDM Selection Model
  • Proof of Concept
  • Typical Rankings
  • Vendor Capabilities

Download the independent guide to read Henrik Liliendahl’s assessment of Master Data Management Solutions.