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Salesforce Master Data Management Solution

The biggest challenge for Salesforce users is creating true, 360-degree customer visibility, something which is only possible with seamless data integration. Use the Semarchy Unified Data Platform as your Salesforce master data management solution to effortlessly manage customer, sales, and marketing data, and maximize your customer engagement.

Unify your Salesforce master data

The full potential of the Salesforce platform can only be fully realized with clean and consolidated master data, while effective governance processes are necessary to safeguard the quality of this data over time. This means that choosing the right Salesforce master data management solution is often a key element of any successful Salesforce implementation.

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Harness real-time, self-serve analytics and BI

Get actionable, data-driven insights without taxing technical resources. Users only need to focus on ‘what’ they need and the intelligent platform automatically generates the “how” including artifacts, processes, and code.

Enhance data quality and governance with a single source of truth

Purify bad data, identify duplicate records, and enforce governance policies by connecting your Salesforce system to our Unified Data Platform for master data management software (Semarchy xDM) and data integration software (Semarchy xDI).

Integrate data across on-premises and cloud applications rapidly

Optimize cloud usage and control costs as you scale with Semarchy, by effortlessly migrating clean, trusted data from on-premise applications to the cloud.

Eliminate costly and lengthy integration projects

Realize the potential of your Salesforce investment quickly with our specialized Salesforce MDM solution and integration expertise, avoiding the usual complexity and operational disruption.

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Modernize infrastructure with intelligent data 

Data-centric systems can easily fall over without visibility into master data quality challenges. Streamline Salesforce master data management while improving overall quality, productivity, and flexibility at a fraction of the cost.

  • Modernize infrastructure with intelligent data

    Data-centric systems can easily fall over without visibility into master data quality challenges. Streamline Salesforce master data management while improving overall quality, productivity, and flexibility at a fraction of the cost.

  • Harness the potential of big data analytics

    Big data shouldn’t be a big hassle. Semarchy xDI links Salesforce cloud applications effortlessly to big data platforms to enrich customer data. Data scientists can quickly optimize key online customer journey touchpoints or detect and mitigate fraud in real-time.

  • Better decision-making with 360-degree customer visbility

    To get fresh and relevant data, Salesforce must be paired with the right master data management and integration solution. With the Semarchy Unified Data Platform, business leaders get real-time, actionable insights and business intelligence on the fly to improve decision-making and drive Salesforce more efficiently.

  • Simpler data integration, with universal connectivity

    The Semarchy Unified Data Platform includes a comprehensive portfolio of dedicated connectors that support legacy and modern sources. In addition, template design components provide out-of-the-box capabilities to accelerate delivery by saving valuable implementation time.

  • Move faster to deliver results

    Semarchy xDI helps organizations respond with agility to evolving business or technical requirements to orchestrate data. Its flexible and scalable architecture with low-code development facilitates the rapid generation of projects while fully customizable templates support unique requirements and underlying tech changes.

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What are the main use cases for Semarchy’s Salesforce MDM solution?

You can use our Salesforce MDM solution to satisfy a range of data management tasks, including:

  • Reconciling customer data
  • Homogenizing and grouping data that is identical in nature or source, but comes from different channels
  • Reformatting the data
  • Deduplicating information
  • Cleansing and enriching data from Salesforce
  • Natively managing the rejection of erroneous records
  • Orchestrating and mixing data from multiple sources
Which Salesforce analytics challenges can Semarchy help to solve?

Salesforce is not a true data analytics or visualization tool, but it can be paired with a complementary data integration platform (such as Semarchy’s xDI) to:

  • Generate reports on data that is not stored in Salesforce
  • Analyze historical data
  • Create exception reports or PivotTables
  • Get more complex data analysis or visualizations
  • Pair the Salesforce data with the Data Privacy Protection module to comply with GDPR regulations
  • Anonymize/pseudonymize your Salesforce data
Can Semarchy help with interconnecting Salesforce with other applications?

Yes! Our solution can create a standard API/web services layer around Salesforce to interconnect Salesforce and other applications.

I’m worried that vendor neglect will threaten our data security after implementing an MDM solution. Have you had similar concerns from your clients?

No! While we fully understand your concern, you may take comfort that our approval rating by end users was among the highest in the Neglectful vs. Caring section of SoftwareReviews’ 2022 report. See here how 26 reviewers rated us.