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SAP Master Data Management Solution

Many of the world’s top enterprises have placed SAP software at the core of their business operations. But they require an agile, extendable SAP master data management solution to help them manage, transform, and harness the huge amounts of valuable data generated.

Data delivery at the right time and in the right place

Effective data management, analysis, and protection is a core priority for every modern enterprise. Our market-leading Unified Data Platform, with solutions for master data management software (xDM) and data integration software (xDI), enables organizations to manage the integration of various functional and technical modules, and other software systems within SAP easily.

  • Integrate all types of data

    Use a proven, reliable data management platform like Semarchy to integrate all types of data, such as big data, API/Micro-services, business intelligence (BI), real-time streaming, advanced analytics, data hubs, and more, all within a single solution.

  • Shared vision and a single source of truth

    Countless businesses rely on SAP for mission-critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) across functional areas such as accounting, sales, inventory, finance, and human resources. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform’s meta-driven approach with universal mapping makes it the ideal SAP MDM solution to help technical and business teams work together seamlessly.

  • Cloud migration made simple

    Business leaders need an easy way to migrate and integrate data between on-prem and cloud applications to maximize their cloud investment. Capture ROI within one quarter by moving your data to the cloud with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform.

  • Minimize cost and complexity

    Organizations want to avoid costly and lengthy SAP data integration projects with minimal disruption to daily operations. They also want to minimize complexity. A specialized SAP data connector can simplify the process and deliver a lightning-fast return.

  • Step up to real-time BI and analytics

    To unlock the true potential of business intelligence and analytics, businesses must be able to aggregate and integrate data sources and deliver actionable insights. With Semarchy, decision makers get automated, data-driven insights in real-time without taxing technical resources.

All-in-one SAP master data management solution 

Our simplified, model-driven approach and flexibility allow you to deploy new connections within days and with significantly lower integration costs.

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Migrate SAP data to the cloud

With the increased adoption of SaaS vendors like Snowflake and Google Big Query, most data warehouses are now in the cloud. Use our SAP MDM solution to set up data pipelines that feed these cloud-based analytical databases from your SAP applications.

Build a data hub architecture around SAP

Centralize and distribute business process data to gain reactivity to evolve your information system. Our SAP data connector process, built around a data hub architecture, can be batch, real-time, or streaming.

Unlock big data analytics in the SAP platform

Build an integration layer that seamlessly works with the complexities of SAP systems and big data technologies to produce accurate insights and analytical data for advanced decision-making.

Become agile to meet evolving business and tech requirements

Our SAP master data management solution’s extensible and open architecture supports on-premise, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. The scalable architecture with low code development facilitates the rapid generation of projects, while fully customizable templates support underlying tech changes and requirements.

Manage complexity and variety in your SAP software system

To deal with the complexities of the various applications within the SAP suite, our integration solution encapsulates all the data extraction techniques, including the ability to write ABAP for custom requirements.

Generate quick results from data integration

Our data integration solution generates results quickly with ubiquitous connectivity and templates that save valuable implementation time. It contains a comprehensive portfolio of dedicated connectors supporting both legacy and modern sources.

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For which products is your SAP data connector available?

We can provide SAP data connectors for the following products: SAP ECC, SAP ASE, SAP Sybase IQ, and SAP BW.

Which business processes can be improved through stronger data integration with SAP?

Some business processes that benefit from better SAP data integration include finance, human resources, logistics, procurement, analytics, manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce.

How does Semarchy’s solution simplify data integration for complex SAP applications?

We templatize all the complexities for any technology we work with, including SAP, limiting the amount of additional manual workarounds required by the user.

How do I convince my team that bureaucratic red tape won’t hamper the implementation of an MDM solution?

Our expert consultants will secure your project timeline without unnecessary formalities. Proof of this is that 80% of our customers measure value in less than 12 weeks. We also received a 98+ out of 100 approval rating in the Bureaucratic vs. Efficient section of a 2022 Emotional Footprint report. We ranked 4th out of 15 MDM vendors!