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Snowflake Data Integration Solution

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform provides a simple and agile way to integrate, manage and govern data. Use our solution to give a boost to your Snowflake data integration and realize ROI faster.

Seamless Snowflake data integration

Fast and flexible data warehousing solutions such as Snowflake are quickly gaining popularity. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform for master data management software (xDM) and data integration software (xDI) is built around the same philosophy; its unified approach makes it easy to get started and significantly reduces the time to market. So why not use it to complement and enhance your Snowflake solution?

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  • Define quality policies and create collaborative governance

    Boost quality data and build trusted data governance processes with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform to achieve superior Snowflake data integration.

  • Expedite cloud migration

    Move your data into a cloud-based Snowflake data warehouse quickly and easily with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform.

  • Accelerate Snowflake data integration with minimum complexity

    Solve your top business challenges and capture ROI at breath-taking speed. Eighty percent of our customers measure value in less than ten weeks.

  • Maximize your Snowflake investment

    Easily ingest, transform, and govern vast quantities of records every month on Snowflake Data Cloud. It takes just a few clicks to uncover meaningful insights using AI and analytics at scale.

Streamline data migration to the Snowflake cloud

Data migration projects require intense planning as they involve moving your data phase by phase with conversion, assessment, and data reconciliation already in place. Automating your data migration can simplify the process, delivering agility and a faster time to market.

  • Manage with simplicity and agility

    With no hardware or software to install and configure, Snowflake’s main appeal is in its ease of use, ability to scale, and faster querying. Similarly, Semarchy’s unified ELT approach doesn’t require specific hardware and makes it easier to manage an integration layer with simplicity and agility.

  • Integrate data from all sources consistently

    During an organization’s IT evolution, the data strategy goes through many changes; hence the architecture keeps evolving with time. Semarchy xDI provides users with a Universal Data Mapper for consistency across all data integrations between Snowflake and diverse source technologies.

  • Connect to any cloud platform

    Our Snowflake data integration component provides a simple, easy way to connect to a Snowflake data warehouse and perform the data loads with an ELT approach. Users can stage data from various source systems on the Snowflake internal stage, Microsoft Azure Storage, and Amazon S3.

  • Respond swiftly to evolving requirements

    Semarchy xDI’s scalable and flexible architecture involves low code development, facilitating rapid project generation to meet ever-evolving business or technical requirements. Fully customizable templates support other unique needs and underlying tech changes.

  • Migrate your on-premise data to Snowflake

    Getting started with Snowflake means first moving existing on-premise data from different sources to the new schema in the Snowflake data warehouse, an exercise that requires meticulous planning. Our Snowflake data integration solution synergizes with Snowflake to simplify the process.

  • Boost performance and scalability

    The Semarchy Unified Data Platform’s ELT architecture uses Snowflake’s native capabilities and leverages its performance to optimize workloads. The platform’s scalable technology also allows you to accelerate and industrialize implementing your API and web services component.

  • Accelerate delivery

    Semarchy’s xDI component generates results rapidly with ubiquitous connectivity. Its extensive collection of dedicated connectors supports legacy and current sources, while templates provide out-of-the-box capabilities that save valuable implementation time.

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Which cloud platforms can your Snowflake data integration solution be used with?

Our solution is flexible to use with any cloud platform, but two of the most popular options include AWS and Azure.

Our Snowflake data integration needs are varied and complex. Can your solution support us?

Yes. Our solution can cater to various data integration needs in Snowflake. For example, we provide users with a Universal Data Mapper to keep designs consistent across different types of integration between Snowflake and various source technologies.

Why is an ELT approach more suitable for Snowflake data integration?

An ELT tool will complement Snowflake as it will use Snowflake’s native capabilities and leverage its performance to create optimized workloads.

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