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Accelerate Your Time to Value

Semarchy’s Accelerator Toolkit puts you in the driver’s seat with your foot on the gas. With our toolkit, your organization can launch an MDM program in weeks, not months.

Business Case Accelerator

Use our research-backed ROI Calculator to create a comprehensive, three-year assessment by investing in MDM.

Run the numbers with our ROI Calculator tool in 5 minutes. This is a simplified subset of the free ROI Assessment service we use with our clients to help them build a comprehensive business case for master data management & data integration.

(Coming Soon): Full suite of self-guided assessment tools and templates to build your business case.

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rapid delivery blueprint

Rapid Delivery Blueprint

Leverage our step-by-step approach to ensure your first (or 10th) MDM implementation in under 12 weeks.

80% of our customers have done it, so can you. We’ve used this approach to rapidly deliver hundreds of tailored MDM implementations for our clients in under 12 weeks. Internal team, or with partners, leverage over a decade of our best practices using the Rapid Delivery Blueprint.


Experience a “day in life” in 2-4 weeks with your real data, workflows, and key use case requirements.

Skip the lengthy RFPs and see Semarchy in action with your data, fast. Reduce any project risks, validate success criteria and core business requirements by giving your stakeholders access to an operational MDM app they can experience – before you even buy and deploy.

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Accelerator Models

Launch your MDM project faster with pre-built industry and use case data models and apps.

Rapidly go from silos to single source of truth for any industry, domain, or use case with our growing library of pre-built data models and apps. Whether in the financial industry, retail, food service, or manufacturing, we have a use-case model to help you deploy your MDM solution – fast.


Explore our Adaptive Intelligence capabilities and vision to help you accelerate AI, your way.

Adaptive Intelligence is our vision to provide a completely flexible ecosystem for you to harness AI with full control and no compromises to your data assets, security and processes.

(Coming Soon) Native GenAI Capabilities + Limited Preview of our Adaptive Intelligence Roadmap

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What is the Semarchy Accelerator Toolkit?

Semarchy is dedicated to being a market leader in Rapid Time to Value for MDM apps. Our Accelerator Toolkit is designed to be used as individual initiatives or together as a larger project to build a strong business case, confidently evaluate and quickly deploy your Master Data Management solution.


of clients deploy fully tailored master data management solutions with xDM in < 12 weeks.
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Everyone Else

of businesses fail when first attempting to implement and maintain an MDM project (Gartner).

How to Use the Accelerator Toolkit

  • Project Discovery

    Align on objectives, goals, and capabilities to establish measurable outcomes for data hub implementation.

  • Proof of Value

    Build a data app in as little as two weeks to prove the value of your MDM initiative.

  • Measure ROI

    Use our Business Case Accelerator to estimate and measure ROI over a three year period.

  • Use Case Models

    Use pre-built use case models to see business cases within your industry.

  • Integrate AI/ML

    Add AI and Machine Learning to your MDM strategy to take full advantage of automation.

  • Accelerate Implementation

    Use our Rapid Delivery Blueprint to speed up your time to value and build a stronger foundation for your data app.

Leverage Our Resources

At Semarchy, our unique value proposition is helping our clients rapidly deliver tailored data management solutions in under 12 weeks. Along with our blueprint, our other resources can help accelerate your data initiatives.

Free Trials & Downloads

Try our leading unified data platform modules for free xDM (on-prem or AWS, Azure, GCP) or xDI (on-prem)

Tutorials & Documentation

Publicly available, well-documented resources to learn about Semarchy’s unified data platform solutions


Dedicated support community to ask and answer questions related to our solutions and best practices

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