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Master Data Management: Delivering Strategic Value vs. Managing Infrastructure

Time is often a vulnerable topic when it comes to delivering on business value.

When you combine the power of Semarchy’s unified data platform with D3Clarity, Inc.’s (formerly VIQTOR DAVIS US, INC.) advanced product knowledge, data strategy approach, and experience implementing cloud-based solution management, you unlock a faster time to market and begin to eliminate that burden of “time”.

Trusted Data Experts through World-Class Delivery

Semarchy’s xDM platform has been recognized as a leading multi-vector Master Data Management (MDM) solution in the industry. Semarchy’s inherent ability to enable agile, an evolutionary development of multi-domain data models, and built-for-purpose data applications have been a game-changer for all clients.

As a long-time Semarchy partner with a 30-year track record of delivering successful MDM and Data Governance solutions to our clients, we’ve learned a few things along the way. We use each deployment to improve our Data Delta Method ™ solution delivery model, our Digital Data Foundation™ enterprise reference architecture, and modern cloud-native architecture. When tied together, it brings you our xDM-as-a-Service™ managed service product and our portfolio of Semarchy xDM-specific accelerators, extensions, best practices. 

xDM-as-a-Service: Modern. Instant. Secure. Scalable. EASY.

Engineered for usability, security, performance, reliability, accessibility, and compliance. xDM-as-a-Service™ provides value through:

  • Pre-configured Semarchy xDM on cloud environment to go from development to testing to production
  • Engineered for usability, security, performance, reliability, accessibility, and compliance
  • Follow cloud best practices
  • Robust security model and user management capabilities 

Production-Ready xDM

Through a modern cloud-native architecture you receive:

  • Faster time to market. Start delivering on your business value instead of spending time getting up and running with infrastructure and DevOps. 
  • One responsible party to implement and run your data platform. No need to manage multiple parties.
  • A fixed monthly price covers everything that’s needed for the platform, giving more control over the total cost of ownership.

Discover More

If you prefer to focus on building great things with Semarchy versus maintaining the infrastructure to run Semarchy and the networking to integrate with cloud and on-prem source systems, our xDM-as-a-Service product is worth a look.  

We built xDM-as-a-Service from the ground up to be easy to deploy (separate, dev, test, and production environments), easy to scale, easy to integrate with, and most importantly isolated, fully encrypted, fully auditable, and engineered to meet strict PCI and HIPAA compliance standards. Every one of our clients stores their most sensitive and critical data sets within Semarchy. Your xDM-as-a-Service instance is dedicated to you and only you. 

Proven Approach. Proven Platform.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, connect with an expert today!