The business is calling … how will you answer?

Data isn’t just for data scientists. It’s the way leading companies create and maintain a competitive advantage in the digital experience economy. If you want to compete, data integration is mission-critical.

Say goodbye silos, hello insights

With the Semarchy xDI, powerful data integration is built right in. Quickly integrate and transform data from every possible source, all in one place. Ready to put actionable insights into every team’s toolkit?

Aggregate data with ease

Remove information system silos with a reliable exchange architecture.

Move at the pace of business

Ingest and deliver data in real-time to support mission-critical business moves.

Handle variety and volume

Process structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data at escalating scale.

Deliver data efficiently

Unlock maximum business value while controlling data infrastructure costs.

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Designed to be adaptable

Digital transformation requires powerful data integration. Our platform adapts to your process and technical requirements — not the other way around. Discover the optimal development platform for virtually all data integration projects.

Map any data project, anywhere

Multiplying systems and data sources? No problem. Semarchy xDI simplifies data integration with easily readable business rules. Universal mapping lets you manipulate databases, NoSQL, API, big data, IoT, and more with ease.

Get more data projects done

Transform data faster. Semarchy xDI automates processes, structures, formats, and code to bring more productivity, flexibility, and quality to each data project. As a result, you solve more business problems and capture more ROI.

Maximize data performance

Don’t keep decision-makers waiting. Native communication across existing technologies lets Semarchy xDI distribute data transformation loads. You get blazing fast performance at a lower infrastructure cost.

What data integration challenges do you face?

From staggering data volume to real-time data demands, Semarchy tackles your data integration challenges. Fully 63% of our customers utilize multiple use cases with Semarchy xDI. That’s why we say switch once, solve infinitely.

Application & streaming

From batch to real-time demands, exchange data effortlessly.

Business intelligence & analytics

Aggregate data from all sources, and reveal actionable insights.

Cloud migration

Move data to the cloud and between applications, anywhere.

Data anonymization

Maintain security and compliance while providing data access.

Data fabric

Aggregate, load, and check big data environments with ease.

Data services

Expose complex data and processes with no-code configuration.

Feeling the pressure to transform?

With the Semarchy Unified Data Platform, you’ve got this. Better serve the business while optimizing your data team’s time and energy for strategic thinking. Our Unified Data Platform is the highly adaptable solution you evolve to meet changing business needs fast.