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KPC is an IT consulting firm specialized in data Intelligence and digital performance for companies.

KPC and Semarchy join forces

KPC brings to the top management precious IT advises and services for their digital transformation: Smart ERP, Data Intelligence, Information Management, Customer Experience and Digital Innovation. KPC is dedicated to bring to its customers the best performance relying on more than 10 years experience and recognized know-how with technological leaders on their domains.

KPC is settled in France with 7 offices and employs more than 250 people.


  • As an IT consulting firm, KPC aims to position itself as a global player in digital transformation with a smart data management system at its core. Our goal is to advise and bring our customers the best performance with innovative and operational solutions


  • Regions: France
  • Technologies/Expertise: Smart ERP, Data Intelligence, Data Management, Customer Experience and Digital Innovation
  • Partnership date : 2019
  • Partner Tier: Silver
  • Certified Partner: Yes


  • Our teams have been dedicated to complex management projects, data management, and data governance to guide our customers towards developing the intelligent enterprise of the future with the highest level of solutions certification and expertises.
  • Our teams in the field are in constant contact with our customers to respond to IT and business issues. Our 7 offices are in constant contact with decision-makers.
  • Intelligent data management is at the heart of our DNA, and of our corporate culture. Our strategic partnerships and our multi-disciplinary teams allow KPC to offer its customers the vision, experience and know-how necessary to develop, personalize, integrate and deploy the most efficient solutions.

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