The Value-Driven Approach to Master Data Management

By Anna Li

For decades, heavy implementations, emphasizing technology and infrastructure, were failing to address customers’ business problems. Experts recognized the industry needed to focus on business outcomes. Semarchy was created to address this fundamental problem in the data management industry where it established its primary mission: to create value for the business, not only IT.

In traditional approaches, organizations launch large projects overhauling all legacy systems. Switching to a new system in one go is very risky. It requires many years to complete, is expensive, and error prone. There are few opportunities to incorporate user feedback. Once complete, systems are too costly and resource-intensive to improve.

In contrast, Semarchy’s Evolutionary MDM™ approach avoids these pitfalls. It focuses on driving value, leading to short-term outcomes and extensible results while maximizing long-term gains. This happens by developing systems and processes iteratively. Users provide feedback along the way, familiarizing themselves with the new systems and processes. They come to trust the solution and are invested in its long-term success.

Semarchy’s value-driven approach is changing the way customers think about success. Finally customers can realize value in weeks, not months. This whitepaper explains how Semarchy partners with its customers using the value- driven approach to solve customers’ biggest pain points while maximizing return on investment.

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The explosive growth of the information economy has motivated organizations to rethink the way they ingest, capture, prepare, manage, and analyze data in a way that ensures predictable and acceptable levels of data fidelity and usability.

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