Cassandra Component Release Notes

This page lists the main features added to the Cassandra component.

Feature Highlights

Version 2.0.1

Sample project

The component example project can now be imported directly in the "New" menu of the Project Explorer.

Change Log

Version 2023.1.7

Bug fixes

  • DI-7194: When trying to connect to Cassandra from the wizard, the connection always appears successful regardless of which properties were specified.

Version 2023.1.6

New Features

  • DI-8188: Upgrade third-party library.

Version 2023.1.1

Bug Fix

  • DI-7167: Mappings with the Integration Cassandra to Cassandra (Datastax Driver) template do not work.

Version 2023.1.0

New Features

  • DI-5624: The Cassandra to Spark and Spark to Cassandra templates are now available for exchanging data between Cassandra and Spark.

  • DI-5723: A new wizard is available for creating Cassandra metadata. This wizard relies on the DataStax Java driver for reverse-engineering.

  • DI-5884: The Values For Partition Key parameter has been added to the LOAD Cassandra to Rdbms (Datastax Driver) template to support partition keys.

  • DI-6100: Multiple third-party libraries upgrade.

Version 3.0.0 (Component Pack)

New Features

  • DI-4508: Update Components and Designer to take into account dedicated license permissions

  • DI-4731: Rebranding: Template messages

  • DI-4813: Rebranding: Drivers classes and URLs

  • DI-4962: Improved component dependencies and requirements management