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How to Migrate from ODI to Semarchy xDI: The Path to Agile, Cost-Effective Data Integration

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A Data Integration Webinar

Your data is a goldmine of information that can inform decision-making and drive growth. So, it’s vital your data integration tool can keep pace with ever-evolving business needs.

Tools such as Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) have been popular for years, but these legacy systems lack the agility organizations need in an age of Big Data. That’s why data and business leaders need an agile and future-proof alternative. Enter Semarchy Data Integration. With Semarchy xDI, businesses can reduce integration costs by 80% and efficiently deliver data across disparate systems with a high-performance and extensible solution. Our technology allows you to deploy new connections in days, not months.

Join data integration experts for this free webinar to discover the power and simplicity of Semarchy xDI. Attendees will learn:

  • How to smoothly transform 99% of your ODI repository into xDI
  • How an iterative process puts you in control of the cost of your project
  • How xDI solves Big Data, NoSQL, XML/JSON, and web services/API

Whether you’re a business leader, data evangelist, IT professional, or want to learn more about Data Integration solutions that work, this webinar will allow you to hear directly from your peers.

All registrants will receive the replay automatically.

Meet Our Speaker

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Senior Solutions Architect