Semarchy xDM 4.2 release notes

Feature highlights


Customers using Semarchy xDM using version 3.x and 4.x can now upgrade to this release. Wizards assist designers in upgrading their version 3.x data entry and duplicate management workflows to the new steppers, duplicate managers, and workflows.

Redesigned duplicates management UX

The Duplicate Management UX (user experience) has been redesigned and now uses a Graph-based Approach. Using the graph, data stewards can quickly understand the match pairs, groups, suggestions, the merge process and its outcome. They can intuitively confirm, split or merge match groups, as well as accept, reject or modify suggestions made by the match engine.

The new simplified user experience for duplicate management is built to help data stewards understand and deal quickly with the most complex match and merge situations, increasing significantly their productivity.

Value survivorship and override

The consolidators (defining the rules to merge multiple master records into a single golden record) are extended and become Survivorship Rules. Survivorship includes both Consolidation (to merge data into golden records) and Override, allowing users to apply possible overrides on top of the consolidated data.

The survivorship rules allow implementing simply the pattern into which users fix consolidated values and/or create directly golden records in matching entities, without having to implement complex matching and consolidation rules.

With survivorship, combining the MDM consolidation and centralized hub styles becomes simpler for the hub designer. Creating or modifying data in these patterns becomes simple and seamless for data stewards and business users.

Matching entities authoring

This release supports authoring for all types of entities: Basic, ID and fuzzy matched. The authoring experience uses steppers for data creation, authoring, and override. Authoring automatically adapts to the capabilities made available by the application designer and the connected user privileges.

Semarchy xDM provides a comprehensive, guided, simple and consistent authoring experience that serves business users and data stewards alike in all hub styles.

Many-to-many relationship creation

Records materializing a many-to-many relationship have now a specific interface (configured in the steppers) to simplify their creation. Users select items in the related entity, and the many-to-many records are automatically created.

Other notable changes

  • New Survivorship Rule replaces and extends the consolidators with an override rule defining how users can replace consolidated values by authoring the golden records.

  • Business Views are now moved under the entities. Existing business views are moved under their root entity.

  • New Duplicate Manager object allows defining the user experience for duplicate management actions.

  • Duplicate Detection can now be configured and triggered as validations in steppers and steps. With these validations, records similar to a record being created are detected and suggested as a replacement.

  • Forms are enhanced with a Label Width property on tabs, sections, and containers, which applies to all fields within the container.

  • The Create Application Components wizard is now enhanced to support the artifacts introduced in this version, and support selecting or creating an existing display card, collection, and table.

  • Documentation properties are added in entity attributes, complex types' definition attributes, references, matching and survivorship rules. These documentation properties support the Markdown syntax for rich text. Documentation provides detailed information to end-users using the generated application.


Version 4.2.2

Known issues

  • MDM-5585: Data Export does not work on Safari.

  • MDM-5682: Flex wrapping does not work correctly in Safari

  • MDM-5723: Browsing an entity with a special character in the ID fails with an HTTP-500 Internal Server Error.

  • MDM-6178: Collection view preferences exported in versions 4.0 and 4.1 cannot be imported into this release. As a workaround, upgrade to this version and export the preferences.

New features

  • MDM-6895: REST API caching using HTTP ETag

  • MDM-6902: Improved metadata caching in the browser.

Bug fixes

  • MDM-6831: Pulse Profiling fails to run with a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/collect/ImmutableMap error.

  • MDM-6915: Pulse Profiling packaging is fixed. Pulse Profiling User Guide is now included in the documentation, Metrics Dashboard Excel File is removed.

  • MDM-6921: Loading an application is slow when the application exposes a subset of a large model.

  • MDM-6928: Custom search shows "CustomSearchController_Undefined_LovValue" instead of the "empty" value for LOVs.

  • MDM-6932: Editing a record fails with No value supplied for the SQL parameter when a privilege grant uses a model variable.

  • MDM-6933: Editing a record fails with bad SQL grammar and ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined errors due to duplicate generated column aliases.

  • MDM-6937: Golden record error status is not correctly updated when the golden record is fixed by subsequent data loads.

Version 4.2.1

Known issues

  • MDM-5585: Data Export does not work on Safari.

  • MDM-5682: Flex wrapping does not work correctly in Safari

  • MDM-6178: Collection view preferences exported in versions 4.0 and 4.1 cannot be imported into this release. As a workaround, upgrade to this version and export the preferences.

New features

  • MDM-6751: New wrapper realm for Apache Tomcat for easy management of authentication and authorizations

  • MDM-6743: Engine Job Log Level how defaults to Exclude Skip Tasks. Deployment repositories are created with a No Task configuration.

  • MDM-6744: The Tomcat Role Mapper now supports the keepMappedRoles or keepUnmappedRoles options to keep or remove original roles. These options replace the deprecated replaceRole option.

  • MDM-6808: The Publisher ID is now shown in the display cards and the Values screen of the Explain Record editor.

  • MDM-6873: Memory usage optimization when using plugin enrichers with multithreading (Thread Pool Size) enabled.

Bug fixes

  • MDM-3469: SQLException "ORA-01722: invalid number" when using a FID_xxx attribute in a SemQL expression on the master data view.

  • MDM-5933: Inbox is slow to display.

  • MDM-6409: Graph randomly stops handling clicks.

  • MDM-6711: Certified platforms (application servers) update.

  • MDM-6738: A SQL exception is raised by the Consolidate singleton master records into GI table integration job task when a fuzzy matching entity uses the Always Authored in the MDM override strategy.

  • MDM-6739: A duplicate manager or an explain record action using a form (or collection) containing a built-in attribute fails to start.

  • MDM-6742: Country is never saved in the user profile.

  • MDM-6744: Users with a long list of roles are unable to submit data changes. Starting with this release, the list of roles set in the V_USER_ROLE job variable is truncated to 4000 characters.

  • MDM-6755: Stepper option Skip to child creation on Parent Create has no effect in certain complex steppers.

  • MDM-6756: When a mandatory attribute is populated by an enricher copying the value from another attribute, the mandatory validation is still displayed.

  • MDM-6757: Date picker authoring component should not be populated with the current date when clicked.

  • MDM-6758: Deleting the value of a date picker authoring component using thebackspace key triggers an incorrect form validation.

  • MDM-6760: Object display type used in a form for an empty text field shows the Welcome page.

  • MDM-6763: The Tomcat Role Mapper configuration does not expose the regexEnabled parameter to activate regular expression support in the role mapping.

  • MDM-6765: Unable to finish a workflow from the Inbox.

  • MDM-6775: Model validation fails with the validation report showing An internal error occurred during "Validate".

  • MDM-6778: An upgraded model using Publisher Ranking consolidation cannot be imported using import-replace.

  • MDM-6795: The Timeline shows an incorrect date (1970) for changes made in a workflow.

  • MDM-6796: Integration job fails on the Reset override values for …​ rules with changed values task for an entity using the Override Until Consolidated Value Changes override strategy.

  • MDM-6800: Deleting a continuous load fails with a "ContinuousLoad cannot be cast to IntegrationLoad" exception.

  • MDM-6809: "Explain record" action does not work if a record has a suggestion.

  • MDM-6811: Advanced search indicates integer values as invalid when not entered with the thousand separator.

  • MDM-6820: Form validation never seem in sync for DETECT_DUPS validations.

  • MDM-6822: All Master to Golden edges have a tooltip indicating "Match Group: Undefined" in the Explain Records and Duplicate Management graph.

  • MDM-6823: Updating a basic entity record with a Sequence ID using the REST API fails with an Unexpected Error.

  • MDM-6824: Embedded collections fail to load when used in forms appearing in popup dialogs.

  • MDM-6826: SemQL-generated IDs computed from referenced entities' attributes cause the application to crash.

  • MDM-6828: The SemQL expression does not appear in the documentation side nav for certain calculated fields.

  • MDM-6834: Upgrade guide explains how to solve data location upgrade failing with ORA-54032

  • MDM-6870: Data export feature ignores the export limit configured in the administration console.

  • MDM-6871: An embedded URL application actions starts loading the application home page before replacing it with the embedded URL.

  • MDM-6876: Unable to deploy a model or refresh an application because of a missing default form view.

  • MDM-6889: Missing model validation error for the Explain Record action when entity type does not support this action

  • MDM-6891: Application fails to load if configuring a non FDN expression with a Reference Component Type

  • MDM-6892: Form Preview fails with a NullPointerException when form attributes uses the Custom Label option with an empty Label.

  • MDM-6897: Starting a stepper to create a record overloads the application server’s memory.

  • MDM-6906: A Model upgraded from version 3.3 to version 4.2.0 fails deployment with a NullPointerException and the following error Unable to generate the Runtime Model. Please validate your design model and fix the validation errors first. (Message reported by logger com.semarchy.ui.commons.util.editors.EditorUtility), but the design-time validation does not raise any error.

Version 4.2.0

Known issues

  • MDM-5468: Image resize mode fit does not work properly on Microsoft Edge.

  • MDM-5585: Data Export does not work on Safari.

  • MDM-5682: Flex wrapping does not work correctly in Safari

  • MDM-6178: Collection view preferences exported in versions 4.0 and 4.1 cannot be imported into this release. As a workaround, upgrade to this version and export the preferences.

New features

  • MDM-6297: New action to Explain Record for a fuzzy matched entity.

  • MDM-6555: Empty selections in search form dropdown boxed appear as an empty value instead of "undefined".

  • MDM-6549: Consolidated values are automatically highlighted in collections displaying related master records (using the MasterRecords transition in a business view).

  • MDM-6510: Global Search screen now automatically sets the focus on the Search Text field.

  • MDM-6482: Create Application Components Wizard now displays options depending on the Entity Type.

  • MDM-6473: Steppers are now supported with Create, Edit and Copy actions for ID and fuzzy matched entities.

  • MDM-6430: New Documentation property in entity attributes, complex types' definition attributes, and references. This documentation is used by default when the corresponding attribute is used in a form view.

  • MDM-6422: Record count icon in a collection is replaced by a dynamic record count.

  • MDM-6417: SD_ and SE_ tables renamed SA_ and `AE_`for basic entities.

  • MDM-6405: Default design-time configuration for the business view now shows record count and hide the outline.

  • MDM-6395: Delete action now support selecting a job definition. This job is executed when the direct delete is performed.

  • MDM-6375: New Direct Confirm action to confirm directly fuzzy matched records.

  • MDM-6369: New collection step triggers running on record copy (once and for each record).

  • MDM-6332: New wizards to upgrade duplicate management and data entry workflows to steppers, duplicate managers, and workflows.

  • MDM-6325: New duplicate management UX displays record as well as matching details in the side nav.

  • MDM-6321: New action and editor to Review and Confirm Suggestions. This editor supports confirming, rejecting or modifying the suggestion.

  • MDM-6319: New action and editor to Merge and Split match groups, using a duplicate manager. This editor allows picking more records in the duplicate management operation.

  • MDM-6313: Merge and split editor also supports overriding the golden record according to the override rules.

  • MDM-6309: Duplicate management operations can be saved for later in the Inbox.

  • MDM-6306: New Duplicate Manager object under the fuzzy matched entities to configure the duplicate management user interface.

  • MDM-6276: Detecting duplicates of records being created is now possible by configuring the corresponding validation in the stepper. Under certain conditions, the stepper proposes to resolve this issue by replacing the new record by the existing one.

  • MDM-6270: Data and time picker component enhanced with icons identifying both pieces of data.

  • MDM-6263: Graph view sidenav now provides an Uncheck All option to de-select all the node types.

  • MDM-6162: Create Components Wizard allows selecting an existing display card instead of creating a new one.

  • MDM-5990: When browsing errors, the Error Details generated tab now appears with an icon when the business view allows it.

  • MDM-5734: Form tabs, sections, and containers have a new Label Width property for fields with a label displayed on the left/right of the value.

  • MDM-5299: ID and fuzzy matching entities' Consolidators are replaced by Survivorship Rules, which include the Consolidation Rules and Override Rules.

  • MDM-5231: Steppers support overriding values on matched entities according to the attributes survivorship rules.

  • MDM-4706: Integration job now supports source data references (SD_) to matched entities pointing to golden records (using their ID) in addition to the references to master records using Publisher ID and Source ID.

  • MDM-3976: Business view transition and root filter now support attributes from all view types (Golden, Master, etc). Business views using in their root filter an attribute not available in a view will not be browsable in that view, and transitions using attributes not valid for a view disappear when this view type is used.

  • MDM-3544: The Mandatory checkbox is now added to the Attributes list displays in the Entity editor.

  • MDM-6521: New Documentation property for the matching rule. This documentation appears in the duplicate manager side nav when the user clicks a match found with this rule.

  • MDM-5718: Data Import performance improvements

  • MDM-6275: Business object views are now moved under entities.

  • MDM-6267: User-Defined Sort is active by default when creating new objects using this property.

  • MDM-6215: Collapsible/Expandable Graph

  • MDM-6213: Support nodes grouping, moving and pinning in the Graph View

  • MDM-6212: Export Graph View as PNG

  • MDM-6208: New Named Queries to define complex REST APIs.

  • MDM-6195: New Browse Entities Folder application action to browse raw entities.

  • MDM-6193: Create Component Wizard now has Enable Authoring active by default.

  • MDM-6192: Support for design-time duplication of action sets

  • MDM-6191: Support for design-time duplication of steppers

  • MDM-6190: The Next/Previous icons are now disabled instead of hidden when reaching the first/last record.

  • MDM-6187: Graph view now support opening business views

  • MDM-6184: Graph View improvements: group by relationship, moving nodes, tooltips.

  • MDM-6072: Job’s Delete phase now only process entities reachable from the integrated entities.

  • MDM-6060: Upgrade Wizard for v3.x Authoring workflows

  • MDM-6056: Pop-up with row counter is replaced by a toaster when importing records.

  • MDM-6054: Sort settings can be configured in steppers for Reference Selection

  • MDM-6017: Table collection view now supports sorting using the Display Card Column.

  • MDM-5944: Collection step data actions are now enabled based on record selection.

  • MDM-5837: New menu item to return to the welcome page.

  • MDM-5820: Authoring fields with a parse error now revert to their previous value on blur.

  • MDM-5802: Stepper Designer now warns when form validations are configured on form open but not on data change.

  • MDM-5798: New contain image mode allows scaling up of image while fitting

  • MDM-5767: New icon defined on the entity used to represent entity records when no other icon is specified.

  • MDM-5732: Configurable default width for collection columns.

  • MDM-5632: Login, logout and error pages are redesigned in Material Design.

  • MDM-5423: Steppers UX now handles empty display cards

  • MDM-5370: Preferences clear/export/import now support data import mappings and data export preferences

  • MDM-5313: Data exchanges are optimized in collections by limiting data retrieval to required columns only.

  • MDM-5305: Collection steps now support creating relationship (Many To Many) records using a specific picker

  • MDM-5201: Count Record is returned instead of the "Record Count" icon when there are no or few records in a collection.

  • MDM-4772: Design-time LOV value image is now used as an avatar in applications

  • MDM-4658: Support disabling engine logging

  • MDM-4303: Support for Advanced Search method.

  • MDM-1441: Login, logout, and error pages branding and customization.

Bug fixes

  • MDM-6604: Role name values too long for ROLE_NAME column.

  • MDM-6468: Steppers fails to run with a java.lang.NullPointerException: no sub level for collection step error when create, edit, or copy is active but the forms in the stepper do not allow modifying values.

  • MDM-6406: Steppers fail to run with a RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: X has to be a sub entity of Y when the model contains multiple references with the same value in the Referencing Role Name property.

  • MDM-6399: Checkboxes appear with an orange background or no background in tables containing more than one checkbox column.

  • MDM-6359: Resizing columns throws "No more data to read from socket" when the collection has many columns.

  • MDM-6352: Form search seems to ignore filtering with technical attributes.

  • MDM-6344: CREATE_LOAD_AND_SUBMIT REST API action throws an error 500 (Unexpected Error) when loading multiple records.

  • MDM-6331: Filtering by form fails for entities with a large number of attributes.

  • MDM-6327: Autocomplete capability during import should be case insensitive

  • MDM-6298: An error 500 Internal Server Error is incorrectly thrown after application server startup but before the application is initialized.

  • MDM-6294: Model Import-Replace fails with ObjMgrValidationException: An ownership reference or property cannot be owned by a null object.

  • MDM-6290: A user with Model Design Read-Only privileges can edit and save form views.

  • MDM-6288: Form search values do not use the Business View root filter.

  • MDM-6269: The Date Picker component error is incorrect when an incorrect time is entered.

  • MDM-6272: When importing data, the Import Mappings make additional suggestions after the initial ones.

  • MDM-6244: OnParentCreate/OnParentEdit tabs should be hidden from the stepper editor for root collection steps

  • MDM-6231: DefaultWorkflowNotificationService logs a SQLCoreException in the console during repository setup.

  • MDM-6203: Value picker field fails when used from authoring with a loadId must be defined for SDE or SDL view types error.

  • MDM-6189: When switching from grid to list view in a collection, the menu button is incorrectly disabled.

  • MDM-6174: The Refresh menu action never works for an application refreshed once a broken model.

  • MDM-6166: Data export is incorrectly made available when table view is not allowed.

  • MDM-6164: Configured height is not used properly when displaying a non null binary.

  • MDM-6136: Importing Data incorrectly issue an "Import Canceled" dialog although records are imported.

  • MDM-5995: Model diagram scrolls to the top-left on click when it is too large for the editor.

  • MDM-5823: Object component with Content mode (e.g. Google Maps…​) do not display in Microsoft Edge.

  • MDM-5774: Direct Authoring should be private and not accessible to other users.

  • MDM-5474: Folders content should be sorted by position or label based on Application Sort Strategy.

  • MDM-5369: Table display card column does now allow vertical scrolling on touch device.