Semarchy xDM overview

Introduction to Semarchy xDM

Semarchy xDM is the Intelligent Data Hub platform for Master Data Management (MDM), Reference Data Management (RDM), Application Data Management (ADM), Data Quality, and Data Governance. It provides all the features for data quality, data validation, data matching, de-duplication, data authoring, workflows, and more.

Semarchy xDM brings extreme agility for defining and implementing data management applications and releasing them to production. The platform can be used as the target deployment point for all the data in the enterprise or in conjunction with existing data hubs to contribute to data transparency and quality.
Its powerful and intuitive environment covers all use cases for setting up a successful data governance strategy.

Architecture overview

The Semarchy xDM architecture includes:

  • The Semarchy xDM Server, a Java EE application deployed and running in an application server. This application serves:

    • The Application Builder, Dashboard Builder, xDM Discovery, Setup and Configuration user interfaces: These web application are used by designers and administrators to create, manage and administer the models and applications designed in Semarchy xDM.

    • Data Management Applications and Dashboard Applications: These web applications are used by business users to browse and manage data and visualize metrics dashboards.

    • A REST API to programmatically perform data integration, management and administrative operations.

  • The Repository that stores all the metadata used by Semarchy xDM. This includes the data models as well as the definition of the data management and dashboard applications, the Discovery datasources and profiles. The repository is hosted in a database schema. A given Semarchy xDM server is always attached to a single repository.

  • The Data Locations that contain data for the data models. This data include the golden, master and source data, with all the lineage and history. A data location is hosted in a database schema. Multiple data locations can be attached to a single repository.

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