Semarchy xDM plug-ins

Semarchy xDM implements plug-ins that use external services or information systems to contribute to the master data processing and enrichment.

xDM uses plug-ins in:

  • Enrichers: by adding new enrichers, you can perform record-level enrichment to update, augment or standardize existing attribute values, or create content in new attributes. For example, you can connect to an external web service to retrieve stock ticker symbols from company names.

  • Validations: by adding new validations, you can perform record-level checks, that is check the value of attributes in a record against complex rules. For example, you can connect to an external provider to check whether a billing or shipping address is valid or not.

For information on how to use plug-ins, see Enrichers and Validations. For information on how to install plug-ins to your Semarchy xDM instance, see Manage plug-ins.

Built-in plug-ins

Semarchy xDM comes with a set of built-in plug-ins:

Develop your plug-ins

All plug-ins are designed using the Semarchy xDM Open Plug-In API. You can develop your own plug-ins using that API.