Global search

This page explains how to configure the global search feature in an MDM application.

The global search configuration defines the business views to scan and the search method employed when a search string is entered on the global search page.

To configure the global search:

  1. Double-click the Global Search Configuration node under the application.
    The Global Search Configuration section opens.

  2. Configure the global search page:

    • Select Display "Search For" Dropdown to allow users to select which of the business views should be scanned. If you do not display this dropdown, all business views will be scanned.

    • Select Sort Business Views Alphabetically to arrange business views alphabetically in both the dropdown menu and search results. Otherwise, they will appear based on their position in the Searched Business View list.

  3. Click the Add business view to search Add Business View to Search button in the toolbar.
    The Create New Global Search Business View wizard opens.

  4. In this wizard, enter the following values:

    • Name: internal name for the business view search.

    • Label: label for the searched business view that appears in the Search For dropdown. If you leave this field empty, a label is automatically generated based on a business view label, view, and search types.

    • Business View: business view from the application to search for.

    • View Type: type of view for the search. By default, it searches golden data. Select a different view to search for master data or erroneous records.

    • Search Type: type of search used to scan the business view. You can use the Full-Text search type or select a search form defined for the root business entity of the business view.

    • Search Parameter: if a search form is selected in the Search Type field, the search text is bound to the search parameter used in the search form query.

    • Max Results: maximum number of results displayed in the search results for this business view.

  5. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to order the searched business views in the table.

  6. Repeat the three previous steps to create additional search configurations for other business views.