Global application configuration

The properties defined in the application configuration apply to applications in the Semarchy xDM platform.

To set the application configuration properties:

  1. Open the Configuration module.

  2. Select Global Configuration in the navigation drawer.
    The Applications Configuration editor opens.

This editor displays the global application parameters:

  • Configure the Server Base URL of your Semarchy xDM installation. This URL is seeded when creating the repository and used in workflow notifications to provide links to the server.

  • Set the CSV Export Limit and Excel Export Limit to define the maximum export size allowed in each format.

    Generating export files is resource-consuming on the server. It is recommended to test the scalability of the new export limits.
  • Set the Autocomplete Max Results value to define the maximum number of results that should be fetched by the autocomplete components in the applications. These dynamic drop-drown lists fetch records as you type a search string.

  • (Optional) Upload a picture to change the Header Logo displayed for all applications and on the welcome page.

    This picture is scaled to a height of 96 pixels.
  • (Optional) Change the Favicon used for this page.

  • The Enable First Login Wizard option controls whether the wizard is activated or deactivated when a user logs in to an application for the first time, to help them configure their profile.