Semarchy Phone validator

The Semarchy Phone validator checks the validity of phone numbers.

Plug-in ID

Semarchy Phone Validator -


This validator takes as the Input Phone Number either an international phone number (with the international prefix), or a national phone number provided with a Country Code. The validator checks whether this phone number is a valid international or national phone number.

This plug-in is thread-safe and supports parallel execution.

Plug-in parameters

The following table lists the plug-in parameters.

Parameter name Mandatory Type Description

Validation Leniency



Precise validation leniency for possible phone numbers. Value may be VALID (default), POSSIBLE or VALID_FOR_REGION.

Plug-in inputs

The following table lists the plug-in inputs.

Input name Mandatory Type Description

Input Phone Number



Input Phone Number.

Country Code



Two letters country code for a national phone number, according to the ISO 3166-1 standard. If this parameter is left empty, the phone number provided in the Input Phone Number should include the international country calling code.