Business views


In an application, business users can browse the Data Hub content using user-friendly views called Business Views.

A business view is a set of related business entities. It starts from a Root Business Entity which, through Transitions, supports navigating to other Business Entities. These business entities can also through transitions lead to other business entities, etc.

For example, the Company Hierarchy business view uses the Cost Center and Employee entities, and uses the relationships that link employee to managers, cost centers to parent cost centers, and employees to cost centers for the transitions.

Business views rely on the model structure, as Business Entities are based on entities and Transitions are based on reference relationships. Business views are functional views on subsets of the overall model.

Business views support data filtering using built-in search methods or customized Search Forms. Users use these search methods to create and save their own filters. You can also define Built-In Filters, bootstrapped with the business views. These filters will always be available to users.