Snowflake Component Release Notes

This page lists the main features added to the Snowflake Component.


Version 2024.1.0


  • DI-7621: Implement serializer functionality in Designer. Use the serializer in mappings to parse structured data from a source and flatten it to string data.

  • DI-7927: Add support for the Snowpipe Streaming API in processes.

  • DI-8596: Update Snowflake backend to the latest version.

  • DI-8655: Update Replicator Rdbms to Snowflake: when in synchronize mode, use a merge to integrate data into the target table.

Bug fixes

  • DI-7370: Remove AUTONOMOUS SQL transaction type, as it has no effect.

  • DI-8808: Fix component dependencies.

  • DI-9201: Fix duplicate query generation when loading a JSON to multiple Snowflake tables.

Version 2023.4.0


  • DI-8183: Upgrade third-party library.

Version 2023.3.0


  • DI-6430: Replicator Snowflake: add the splitFileSize parameter.

  • DI-6604: Add BINARY, OBJECT, ARRAY, GEOGRAPHY, GEOMETRY, VARBINARY data types in the Snowflake technology.

  • DI-6628: Snowflake: implement TargetFilter.

  • DI-6640: Add DESERIALIZER Snowflake String as JSON Template.

  • DI-6641: Add DESERIALIZER Snowflake VARIANT as XML Template.

  • DI-7182: Replicator Rdbms to Snowflake: Add timestampFormat parameter to choose the format and precision of the timestamp columns.

  • DI-7183: Replicator Rdbms to Snowflake: Add emptyFieldAsNull and nullValueReplacement parameters.

  • DI-7623: Update templates using S3 features to use the existing AWS S3 TOOL instead of dedicated code.

  • DI-7767: Add MERGE incremental method to Snowflake Integration template.

  • DI-7983: Add delimiters around objects name in the generated queries when they contain reserved characters.

  • DI-7992: New template Load JSON to Snowflake.

Bug fixes

  • DI-7180: Replicator Rdbms to Snowflake: incorrect execution condition generated when using Snowpipe with some technologies.

  • DI-7305: SQL Server datatypes with maximum size such as varchar(max) should be reverse engineered as returned by the JDBC Driver, and the max keyword specified only at datatype creation.

  • DI-8040: In the reverse wizard, the list of schemas proposed is unexpectedly not filtered based on the selected catalog.

Version 2023.2.0


  • DI-6683: The Positional File Processing property has been added to the Load file to Snowflake template to support positional files.

Version 2023.1.8


  • DI-7983: Add delimiters around object names in generated queries when they contain reserved characters.

Version 2023.1.7

Bug fixes

  • DI-8808: Fix component dependencies.

Version 2023.1.6


  • DI-8183: Upgrade third-party library.

Version 2023.1.5

Bug fixes

  • DI-8113: Load Rdbms to Snowflake: incorrect file path generated when using s3 as external storage

  • DI-8286: Third-Party library upgrade.

Version 2023.1.3


  • DI-7766: Snowflake JDBC driver Third-Party library upgrade.

Version 2023.1.2


  • DI-6683: The Positional File Processing property has been added to the Load file to Snowflake template to support positional files.

Version 2023.1.1

Bug fixes

  • DI-6578: In the Load Rdbms to Snowflake template, when the String Delimiter option is enabled, the mapping fails to compile.

Version 2023.1.0


  • DI-1093: The Load External Storage File to Snowflake template is now available for loading files already present in an external storage into a target Snowflake table.

  • DI-5015: Designing and reading JSON data contained in a VARIANT column is now supported.

  • DI-6197: Snowflake JDBC driver upgraded to version 3.13.22.

  • DI-6224: The Replicator Rdbms to Snowflake tool is now available. This tool can be used to replicate data to Snwoflake using Snowpipe.

  • DI-6235: Google Cloud is now supported as an external storage location.

  • DI-6301: The Storage Access Method parameter has been added to the metadata. It allows defining the method to use to access the external storage: using credentials or using storage integration defined in Snowflake.

  • DI-6341: The Snowpipe finger tab has been added to the metadata. Snowpipe allows ingesting data files from Snowflake stages directly into Snowflake tables without having to launch the warehouse.

Bug fixes

  • DI-5029: Some error messages returned by the Load Wsdl to Rdbms template may not be relevant in finding the cause of the error.

Version 5.3.12 (Component Pack)


  • DI-6683: Template Load file to Snowflake: add the Positional File Processing property to support positional files.

Bug fixes

  • DI-6578: Template Load RDBMS to Snowflake: when the String Delimiter option is enabled, the mapping does not compile.

Version 5.3.8 (Component Pack)


  • DI-6262: The technology definition has been updated to mention that indexes are not supported. Thus, the generic templates do not try to create indexes on this database.

Version 5.3.7 (Component Pack)


  • DI-5015: Support designing and reading JSON data contained in a VARIANT column.

Bug fixes

  • DI-5029: When being used with Snowflake as a target, error messages returned by "Load Wsdl to Rdbms Template" might not be relevant to find the real cause of the error.

  • DI-6197: Update the Snowflake JDBC driver third-party library to version 3.13.22.

Version 3.0.0 (Component Pack)


  • DI-4508: Update Components and Designer to take into account dedicated license permissions

  • DI-4731: Rebranding: Template messages

  • DI-4962: Improved component dependencies and requirements management

  • DI-5014: Support QUALIFY clause in Snowflake

Version 2.1.3 (Snowflake Component)


  • DI-4855: Support "Technical Columns Prefix" on Reject and Integration Templates

Version 2.1.2 (Snowflake Component)


  • DI-4849: Snowflake - add support for additional timestamp types

Version 2.1.1 (Snowflake Component)


  • DI-4404: Snowflake - all work tables are now created as transient

Version 2.1.0 (Snowflake Component)


  • DI-2854: Microsoft Azure Storage and Amazon S3 Bucket nodes available in the workspace are now proposed automatically in Snowflake Metadata in External Storage attribute

Version 2.0.3 (Snowflake Component)

Bug fixes

  • DI-2696: Snowflake - full outer joins were not working

  • DI-2741: Template - LOAD Rdbms to Snowflake - generated temporary file names may unexpectedly contain object delimiters

Version 2.0.2 (Snowflake Component)


  • DI-1056: Addition of a new Process Tool which allows to perform operations on a Snowflake Warehouse, such as starting or suspending a warehouse

  • DI-1910: Templates updated - New parameter 'Cdc Subscriber' on Templates on which it was not handled yet

  • DI-1909: Templates updated - New Parameters 'Unlock Cdc Table' and 'Lock Cdc Table' to configure the behaviour of CDC tables locking

Bug fixes

  • DI-1554: Load Rdbms to Snowflake Template - an exception was displayed when loading data through S3 storage, because the Module specification on S3 step was missing, avoiding the step to properly find the required dependencies

  • DI-1908: Templates updated - The 'Cdc Subscriber' parameter was ignored in some Templates on Lock / Unlock CDC steps

  • DI-1907: Templates updated - The 'Cdc Subscriber' parameter was ignored in some Templates when querying the source data